9/13 Cap City #1 - Infirmary Mound Park in Licking County
9/27 Cap City #2 - Alum Creek State Park Beach Bonanza
10/4 Cap City #3–Lobdell Park Awesome Course
10/19 Cap City #4 - Lobdell Frisbee Park in Licking County
11/1 Cap City #5 - Uncle Steve's in Marysville
11/9 Cap City #6 - John Bryan State Park
11/23 Cap City #7 - Lane Rd - State Champs

Race 1 :

Sept 13 - Infermary Mound

Team Sponsor: Alan Factory Team

Event Sponsor: Westerville Bike Shop


MENS A 22 STARTERS 60 Minutes
1 Dan Campbell RGF
2 Phil Noble Biowheels
3 Nate Ziccardi Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
4 Shawn Adams Lake Effect
5 Scott Morrow Ohio Orthopedic
6 Joe Devault Trek Store Columbus
7 Andy Hague Echelon
8 Garth Prosser SoBe Cannodale
9 Mark Brown COBC
10 David Esker Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
11 Kyle Wingler Alan
12 Matt Weeks Lake Effect
13 Joey Boyle Athens Bicycle
14 Rudy Sroka Lake Effect
15 Brandon Groff Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
16 Andy Moskal RGF
17 TJ Turner Biowheels
18 Curtis Ryan Athens Bicycle
19 John Ehrlinger Snake Bite
20 John Markstein Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
DNF Kieran Sikdar Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
DNF Chris Grisvard Columbus
1 Amanda Sprout TSC
2 Julie Wells-Sroka Lake Effect
3 Leah Tinsley
4 Bridget Donovan Trek Cincinnati
5 Christy McCarthy Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
6 Nancy Henderson COBC
7 Jamie Clifton COBC

MENS B 23 STARTERS 45 Minutes
1 Garth Prosser SoBe Cannondale
2 Kevin Wahila Pro Graphics
3 Joe Hall COBC
4 Mason Morgan Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
5 Joe Bonnell Echelon
6 Ben Bonney
7 Dave Groen COBC
8 Layne Peters Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
9 Aaron Beck Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
10 Chris Grisvard Columbus
11 Bruce Pisarek COBC
12 Blair Fraley Echelon
13 Glen Gardner Walker Homes
14 James Wright Nail City Velo
15 Ben Stephens Carnegie Mellon
16 Mario Deshaies Athens Bicycle
17 Doug Webster
18 Jake McKeegan
19 Joshua Murphy BKB
20 Ben Anderson Roll
Josh Blubaugh Lake Effect
Sam Whitley Liquid Cycling
DNF Brian Hammond Kreitler
1 Scott Young Tri-Tech
2 James Turner I-Pro
3 Marty Withrow Echelon
4 Doug McConahan Walker Homes
5 Philip Wadsworth
6 Doug Hamilton Biowheels
7 John Riedel Alan
DNF Jason McCoy Olympus

MENS C 18 STARTERS 30 Minutes
1 Troy Allen Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
2 Dan Newhart Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
3 Vaughn Wallace Trek Pittsburgh
4 Mark D'Anniballe COBC
5 Derrick Young
6 Dan Ramsey 7 Hills
7 Tim Brown Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
8 Mike Riley Ohio Orthopedic
9 Mike Merchant
10 Rick Voithofer
11 Dan Mascret B1 Bikes
12 Brian Schultz
13 Mark McKenney 7 Hills
DNF Casey Karnes B1 Bikes
DNF Scott Wesseler Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
DNF Christy McCarthy Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
DNF Phil Shumacher
DNF Eric Gott Ohio Orthopedic
1 Brooke Crum Kreitler
2 Amy Kulesza Awesome/Jenis Ice Cream
3 Karen Wells Hamilton Biowheels
1 Brian Hammond Kreitler
2 Erick Madis One Call Now
3 Ryan Madis One Call Now




  • Race Times
    C Race: 12 Noon - 30 minutes
    Mens C, Womens C & Juniors
    B Race: 1 pm - 45 minutes
    Mens B, Masters 35/45
    A Race: 2 pm - 60 minutes
    Mens A,
    Womens A (45 min)
  • Directions
    Hope this helps... if not try googling it. Or call Kyle, or see if you can ask some dude in Granville.
  • Course Description:
    A new course for Cap City and the crown jewel of the Licking Park District. The course will consist of a 6-8 min lap with one set of barriers ,one 30 yard run up, 2 false flat uphill pavement sections, a 1/8th mile double track through the woods, and lots of rolling grass. This place is sure to be a favorite
  • Prize List:
    A race: At least $200 cash for 1st place and payouts for 2nd and 3rd
    B race: Higher quality prizes and schwag
    C race: High quality prizes

    Held under USA Cycling permit.


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