11.25.2012 – Postgivingcross (aka Darree Fields #2)

Hello Cap City Crossers!

I hope everyone was able to get out for a few hours before stuffing themselves with food yesterday; maybe some preperation for Sunday’s big race at Darree Fields or maybe just a nice ride to clear some room for food? No matter what, hopefully everyone had a good day.

Just a reminder that we are racing at Darree Fields in Dublin on Sunday! The course is mostly set up and we’re going to finish tomorrow morning. Our midweek recon team was out in full force; constantly judging and gauging the ground, looking for standing water and even doing a bit of riding.

That being said, their report is in. The course is more or less the same, with some added turns. However, the big news was that it is 70% less bumpy than prior to the first race. This may or may come as relief to some. Also, we didn’t receive a bit of rain this week so expect a dry and flat track this weekend. The early afternoon races may be a bit soupy from the overnight frost, but the later races should tacky and dry.

Anyway, I hope to see everyone over there on Sunday for Postgivingcross at Darree Fields.

See ya!

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