Insomnium 2016! Short Track Party

Hello! Welcome back!

Registration opens Monday April 28 at 12:01am!

A few things to note –

Industry race is for industry only, it’s an open category field. Please understand that if you not an owners/management/brand representative, you will be moved out of the category.

The single speed race is also OPEN. The one true equalizer.

There will be eliminator races, they will have some bearing on the 2016 Short Track and Cyclocross series, more details to come as the event gets closer. Or they could just be for bragging rights, who the hell knows.

The 15 minute rule applies – registration closes 15 minutes prior to the posted race time. Cheers!

Preregistration is preferred, but we will allow day of registration with no additional charge. However we can only accept credit/debit payments.


Cap City Cross is kicking off 2016 with a special, one and done, Short Track race at Chestnut Ridge as a part of the Insomnium Weekend!

More details by the end of the weekend but mark your calendars for May 14! Keep checking back. Tell all your friends!

2016 or bust!

Hello all!

We are lining things up for the 2016 series. As it turns out we’ve had a few clubs back out of the series for 2016. We are looking for one or two more clubs to get involved. If you’re interested, please shoot an email to

Again, to avoid conflict with the other series in Ohio, and the region, we will be doing all Saturday races, pending a two race weekend in mid-October. We also plan to avoid any USA Pro CX/UCI races with in a 3-6 hour drive (the UCI calendar will be released this weekend).

Our schedule will run October – November, with a few non-series races in December if there’s interest.

Let’s party.

PMA | No Jerks.

In Regards to The State Championships, pt. FIN!

It’s a wrap?

Yes it is. And we had a freakin’ blast!

The event couldn’t have gone so smoothly with out the help of all the volunteers from the presenting club Cap City/Brioso Cycling and mad help from Paradise Garage Racing and VeloScience Cycling.

We were glad to see Abnormal Allies and Seagull Bags out there on Saturday, they’re two super rad groups doing really rad things! Be sure to check their stuff out if you missed them on Saturday.

Thanks to Explorers Club and Mikey’s Late Night Slice for feeding the hungry racers, spectators, volunteers and officials!

We’d also like to extend a giant thanks to Scot and Julie Herrmann for providing constant commentary through out the weekend! I think we drove each other a tad crazy with one too many plays of “The Power of Love” as our podium music, but hey! We gotta have a little fun sometime!

As for the event set up, Marshall and Cameron from Velogoat did an awesome job providing extra amenities for us. We’d also like to thank Kirk Albers and Andys Burns with Course Service LLC for providing fencing for those non-stakable sections of the course.

All in all, the support from the volunteers and workers was outstanding! We couldn’t have done it without everyone.

Lastly, thank you, the racers. We are incredibly grateful and thankful for your support!

Here are your results! OCA informed me this morning that they are emailing all gold medal winners the codes for their jerseys! Once your order is placed and you receive your jersey, send some photos our way, we’d love to see them.

We’re moving on the race #5 this Saturday at Smith Farms. Registration is now open and closes Wednesday November 17 at 11:45pm. Be sure to get pre-registered for premium call ups!

Thanks again and we’ll see you this weekend.

PMA. No Jerks.

In Regards to the State Championships, pt. 5 !!!!!

Big time thanks to everyone that pre-registered for the state championship race this weekend! We look forward to see everyone out there!

Remember there is no day-of registration fee, so if you missed pre-reg or would like to enter another race just go right ahead!

We will have posters ($15), shirts ($25) and gloves ($30) for sale at registration as well!

Tomorrow a list of call ups will be posted as well, be sure to check back! All will be updated on the website!

USAC Flyer

In Regards to the State Championships, pt. 4!!!!

Alright, the weekend is closely upon us and we have some updates for you. Let’s start with a serious note –

This weekend there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for open containers in the park. Infirmary Mound and Licking County Parks Department have been very straight forward that there is no place for alcohol in the park and we can’t say it enough either. They are kind enough to let us use TWO of their parks for our small race series, so we all need to do what we can to maintain a positive and long term relationship with the county. Anyone seen with an open container will be immediately removed from the venue, booted from the race (no refunds, credit to future races) and asked not to return to the series. We are all adults and everyone from the top down understands that recreation and beer go hand in hand, but not this weekend. We have to adhere to the the parks requests so we can return and race here for future seasons. We ALL appreciate your understanding.

Okay, now that the #dadmoment has passed –

On Saturday we will have Explorers Club food truck from 11am-3pm. They’ll be serving up some vegan/meat option stuffs. It’s awesome SW inspired food that has been a staple in the Columbus Food Truck scene since it took off a few years back! Check them out, refuel after your race!

On Sunday Mikey’s Late Night Slice is going to be slinging slices of pie from 11am-3pm. Ranked “Best Pizza in Columbus” by numerous blogs/zines/papers, the people over that MLNS are known for their spicy crust and special sauces.

Registration closes this evening, Wednesday Nov. 11, 2015 at 11:45pm. Be sure to get in there! We can’t wait to see you all!

In Regards to the State Championships, pt. 3!! What Time Do You Race??

It’s a bit of a jam packed weekend! And to accommodate everyone, we have to play with the schedule a bit.

Since there’s two days of racing, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone. Saturday is AGE GROUP Championships races and Sunday is CATEGORY championship races. Please note the difference between “Cap City Cross Series” is for Cap City Cross points and “Ohio CX Championships” are for medals/jerseys. We’ve purposely kept them separated.

Saturday – 

  • 9:00 am (Cap City Cross Series) 30 min
    • – Cat 4/5 Men
  • 9:45 am (Ohio CX Championship) 30 min
    • – Juniors girls 15-16 & 17-18, single-speed women
    • -Category 3/4 Women (non-championship)
  • 10:30 am (Ohio CX Championship) 45 min
    • – Junior Boys 15-16 & 17-18, single speed men
  • 11:15 am (Cap City Cross Series)
    • – Category 3/4 men – 45 min
    • – Category 1/2/3 women – 40 min
  • 12:10 pm (Ohio CX Championships) 30 min
    • – Boys 9-10, 11-12 & 13-14, Girls 9-10, 11-12 &13-14
  • 12:45 pm (Ohio CX Championships) 45 min
    • – Men Masters 30+, 35+ & 40+
  • 1:45 pm (Ohio CX Championships) 45 min
    • – Masters Men 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ & 65+
  • 2:45 – (Cap City Cross Series) 60 min
    • – Category 1/2/3 men
  • 4:00 pm (Ohio CX Championships) 40 min
    • – Masters Women 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ & 65+

Sunday – 

  • 10:00 am (Ohio CX Championships) 30 min
    • – Cat 3/4 Women, Junior Boys & Girls (non-championship)
  • 10:40 am (Ohio CX Championships) 45 min
    • – Cat 3/4 Men
  • 11:40 am (Cap City Cross Series) 45 min
    • – Single Speed Open, Masters 35+ 45+
  • 12:45 pm (Ohio CX Championships) 60 min
    • – Cat 1/2/3 Men
  • 2:00 pm – (Ohio CX Championships) 40 min
    • – Cat 1/2/3 Women
  • 2:50 pm (Ohio CX Championships) 30 min
    • – Cat 4/5 Men



Please email Spencer @ if there are any further questions. Thanks!

In Regards to the State Championships, pt. 2!!


We got this whole, awesome double race weekend coming up in about a week and a half. I’m sure most of you are wondering how this is all possible.

First off, the fine folks at Cafe Brioso​, Paradise Garage​ & Columbus Brewing Company​ have been generous enough to give up the kick we need to make sure the event is able to get off the ground. They’ve provided everything we could possibly need to promote, run and race an awesome event.

Our good buddies Seagull Bags​ and Abnormal Allies​ have come up with some pretty cool stuff too.

Mason over Westerville Bike Shop​ will providing FREE neutral support in the pits ALL weekend. Word is, he really likes beer.

Also gotta give a huge shout to Raleigh Bicycles​ for throwing some course tape our way and supporting a small, little series!

Stoked that Velogoat LLC​ and Course Service LLC​ will be providing extra amenities for the weekend!

Lastly, the wonderfully delicious food truck by the Explorers Club​ will be set up on Saturday between 11am-3pm. They were a staple of mine when I lived in Merion Village and couldn’t be more excited to have them out on Saturday! More to come about Sunday!

We will have t-shirsts and gloves for sale on pre-registration as well as at the venue all weekend! Limited quantities, get ’em now!

Get registered!


In Regards to the State Championships!

Hello all! Happy Monday!

A lot has been going on since we last convened. The first three Cap City races are done and dusted! Series overalls will be posted shortly! Expect them by mid-week, linked below are the race by race results!

  1. 9.27 – Big Run Fun CX
  2. 10.10 – Lobdell Frisbee CX
  3. 10.17 – Infirmary Mound CX

Next up – the 2015 Ohio Cyclocross State Championships! On November 14 and 15, at Infirmary Mound Park, Cap City Cyclocross and Cap City/Brioso Cycling are inviting all Ohio crossers to the central Ohio area for a weekend of racing. Expect a new course, expect a fast course and expect a fun time! Registration is open, get preregistered for a premium call up and some cool extras!

We also have some pretty sweet merchandise available for this race!

Check out this sweet t-shirt designed by Matt Lolli (ghostshipmatt)! Available in small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large! $25


We will also be selling these cool posters designed by Alex Carlson (@killsim000)! $15



We still have a few Defeet Dura Wool gloves to get rid of as well! $25

2015-01-13 14.01.37


Keep checking back for more updates!

See you November 14 and 15 at Infirmary Mound!

Big Run Fun CX just got more fun!


Just wanted to let everyone know of a few changes –

We were only recently informed that today, 9.19, we will be sharing the venue with the local soap box derby association as they have an event that day as well! This means there will be cars flying down the derby hill while we shred the side!

That being said, the derby hill is COMPLETELY off limits to ALL cyclists. Anyone caught riding the hill during the day will be disqualified.

Secondly, PLEASE OBEY all volunteers whether they are Cap City or soap box derby people. We will be parking in a specific area, so be sure to follow the direction of the volunteers to ensure your car ends up in the right spot.

Third – there has been NO modification of the Cap City Cross race day schedule. We will be racing the normal start times.

Lastly, please be kind to all racers, spectators, officials and volunteers. The two events will draw a larger than normal crowd but it should provide a very, very interesting atmosphere.

We appreciate your cooperation in order to make this a great event for Cap City Cross, Ohio CX racers and the soap box derby crowd. This is a rare opportunity to show our sport to a new group of people, so let’s make them feel welcome!

Can’t wait to see everyone this morning and afternoon!