2014 Cap City Cross

As many of you may have noticed, the “series information” and schedule page has been updated for quite some time. We had a few things to finalize before making our announcement of the series, but it looks like quite a few already know the deal.

Any who, here’s the official announcement for the 2014 Cap City Cross race series.

First off, the big news for 2014 is that Brioso Coffee and Paradise Garage are stepping up at series sponsors! Brioso and Paradise Garage are doing tons for cycling in Columbus, more so than being apart of our awesome series. Their ability to support the series just tops off their massive contribution the cities vibrant and growing cycling scene, whether it be recreational, competitive and/or utilitarian.

Others? Definitely! We all love beer, right?! Well that’s a good thing because Columbus Brewing Company has stepped in a series sponsor as well! They’ll be out at each race giving away prizes and swag! Also, zer0z wallets will be doing some sweet, end of series prizes for overall category winners.

Don’t forget that each club has it’s own list of sponsors they’ll bring to the series as well. Be sure to check and support them all as they’re a supporter of the series.

So, the schedule?! That’s what everyone’s most interested in, right?!??

Kick off fall the right way! The first race on September 20 will be put on by the Lady Gnar Shredders and is going to feature a new venue on the near south side of Columbus. Grand Prix Go Karting is opening it’s warehouse doors and offering a new style of start/finish for Cap City. Riders will be racing around a go kart track, hitting some woods that feature some off cambers and steep pitches and even tackling some ramps.

The second race on October on October 11 is going to be held at the classic Big Run Park. Big Run is most known for it’s start/finish (bottom of the soap box hill, top of the soap box hill) and and plenty of up, down and across the roller terrain Expect high speeds with plenty of technical bits to spread the race out. This will also be the third stop of the Ohio CX Cup. This should bring some more, competitive riders to the Cap City area. Sounds like some BIG fun.

More info on the Ohio CX Cup

If Big Run wasn’t climby enough, Lobdell Frisbee park will be. On October 19, the three tiered park, frisbee park will be repurposed for some cyclocross fun. The park features three levels, each of which has  decent bit of elevation between them. The course is largely nontechnical and usually pretty fast. Being later in October it has the possibility to be wet. If it is, prepare to slog up and down the tiers.

A few weeks later, on November 8, Cap City Cross comes back to the greater Columbus area to the venue at Smith Farms. Largely pan flat, technical and fast, Smith Farms offers as close to a dirt crit as it comes. Races at Smith Farms are usually decided from small bunch sprint and it favors riders that really drive their bikes.

The fifth and final race of the series on November 15 will be at Infirmary Mound park outside Granville, Ohio. Infirmary Mound offers a little bit of the prior week’s offerings; speed, elevation, technical sections, flowing, rhythm sections and a fast start/finish. It will also be the fifth stop in the Ohio CX Cup.

  1. September 20, 2014 – Grand Prix Cyclocross p/b Lady Gnar Shredders – Grand Prix Go Karing, Columbus, Ohio
  2. October 11, 2014 – Big Run Fun CX p/b Cap City/Brioso Cycling – Big Run Park, Columbus, Ohio
  3. October 19, 2014 – Lobdell Frisbee CX p/b Cap City Brioso Cycling – Lobdell Frisbee Park, Alexandria, Ohio
  4. November 8, 2014 – Smith Farms CX p/b Team Jenis – Smith Farms Park, Columbus, Ohio
  5. November 15, 2014 – Infirmary Mound CX p/b Paradise Garage Racing – Infirmary Mound Park, Granville, Ohio

With a shortened schedule in a state with nearly two races a weekend all fall! There are plenty of opportunities for Cap City races to venture out of the area and check out the other awesome things happening in Ohio and the surrounding regions. Be sure to check out -

Contributing Clubs to the 2014 Cap City Cross Series -

  1. Lady Gnar Shredders
  2. Cap City/Brioso Cycling
  3. Paradise Garage Racing
  4. Team Jeni’s

Can’t wait to see everyone this fall!

Final Overalls!

Sorry we’re so late with these overalls, but here they are!

Final overalls! 

Thanks everyone for a great season! We grew quite a bit this year and the new series structure seemed to work out very well for the clubs and the racers! Thanks for making it a great year!

We’re already getting started with planning for the 2014 season, but in the mean time you all should be staying warm and training when you can!

Final overalls! 


Update – Cap City Cross #10 @ Darree Fields – 1.11.2014


A few things about tomorrow’s race -

1. It’s going to muddy, icy and snowy. There’s a chance of rain from 11am to 4pm, so that means it’s going to be wet. We are unable to provide power washers or running water for the venue, so plan accordingly.

2. Please do not park in the dog park parking lot. The City has strictly asked us to refrain from parking there due to complaints from the park users.

3. Hope to see everyone out there. Don’t forget about the series party at Brioso on Sunday, January 12, 2014. We’ll get started at 3pm and run till we’re done.

See everyone tomorrow for one last race for the 2013-2014 series!

The Finale! The overalls! The party!!!!! Updates on Updates!

First off, we’d like to apologize to anyone that is unable to attend the final race due to heading to CX Nationals or had prior engagements.

Check it - Cap City Cross overall results post race #9

Secondly, be sure to check out the new USA Cycling rule changes for 2014 – check it out here!

Basically, if you have had a license in the past and are categorized any higher than a male cat 5 or female cat 4 (road and cyclo-cross) you must buy an annual license to race. The one day license is reserved strictly for beginners and first timers.

Third, there is preregistration available of this race and it can be found here, at BikeReg.com.

Party, you say? Yes, how about a series party! Remember that festive night about a year ago where we all convened at Brioso?! Well let’s do it again!

This year, like last year, we’ll meet at Brioso on Gay St. and High St. on Sunday, January 12, 2014. Coincidentally this is the same day as the U.S. Cyclo-cross Nationals. The party will start at 3:00pm. We will air both races on Brioso’s awesome TV! The women’s race is at 3:30pm EST and the men’s is at 4:45 pm EST. Afterwards, we’ll do overall podiums and raffles and all the fun stuff! As always, BYOB and a snack for everyone to get down on.

Keep checking back for further information! See you all on January 11, 2014 at Darree Fields!

Cap City Cross #10, WinterCX @ Darree Fields *FINALE* – 1.11.2014

Yo! Hey! Happy New Year guys!

Here to let everyone know we’ve made a decision for our final race of the 2013/2014 race series!

I know it’s soon, but we’re going to have the final race of the series on January 11, 2014 at Darree Fields park in Dublin, OH.

I know you’re all familiar with the venue, so you know what to expect. No need to go on and on about it. The weather outlook for the next week and a half is looking cold then will warm up just in time for the race. What I’m saying is, prepare for a sloppy, muddy mess of a race. We are unable to provide running water with power washers.

Also, remember to renew those USA Cycling licenses! We will have some available for sale as well, but you can easily do it from your computer on phone at home or the coffee shop or wherever you may be.

Preregistration is available here - https://www.bikereg.com/NET/22301/Cap-City-Cross-10-WinterCX–Darree-Fields-FINALE

As always, there will be no day of, late registration fee. Registration will open at 10:30am and close 15 minutes prior to the posted race time. Also remember to bring your series number for one, final use! Replacements are $10 if you lose or forget it.

Here is the race schedule -

  • 12pm
    • Cat 4/5 Men
    • Cat 3/4 Women
    • Juniors boys and girls
  • 1pm
    • Cat 3/4 Men
  • 2pm
    • Masters 35+/45+
    • Single Speed Open
  • 3pm 
    • Cat 1/2/3 Men
    • Cat 1/2/3 Women

Help us get the word out and we look forward to seeing you out there on 1.11.2014.

Cap City Cross #10 @ Mills Creek Park, Marysville, OH – 12.15.2013 p/b Back Room Coffee Roasters **CANCELLED**

Yo Cap Citiers!

Some bad news about tomorrow’s race – It’s cancelled.

The park is currently underwater and with freezing temperatures expected this evening the venue will turn to a sheet of ice.

We’re working on rescheduling at a later date. Keep checking back for information.

Thanks for understanding and check ya at a later date!

Cap City Cross #10 @ Mills Creek Park, Marysville, OH – 12.15.2013 p/b Back Room Coffee Roasters **UPDATE**

Hello everyone, quick update from the Cap City Cross headquarters.

First off, here are the series overalls -

Cap City Cross overall results post race #9

Just to let everyone know, we’ve adjusted the race day schedule due to the low pre-registration on Joinarace.com. Tell your friends, tell your rivals, tell you family! Let everyone know of the alteration! Thanks a ton!

Registration will open at 11am and close15 minutes prior to the posted race time.

Adjusted Race Schedule for Cap City Cross #10 at Mills Creek Park -

  • 12pm
    • Cat 4/5 Men
    • Cat 3/4 Women
    • Juniors boys and girls
  • 1pm
    • Cat 3/4 Men
  • 2pm
    • Masters 35+/45+
    • Single Speed Open
  • 3pm 
    • Cat 1/2/3 Men
    • Cat 1/2/3 Women

Once again, here are the series overalls -

Cap City Cross overall results post race #9

Spread the word! See you Sunday!

Cap City Cross #10 @ Mills Creek Park, Marysville, OH – 12.15.2013 p/b Back Room Coffee Roasters – **Series Finale**


(Race face! One last time! For the Glory! – Photo Cred – Susan Hackett)

Alright Cap City Crossers, we’ve got one last party for you! One last day of pain and suffering before the long, cold and boring winter months! One last race to prove that you are, in fact, the greatest amongst your peers.

This week we’ll be wrapping the series up in Marysville, OH at Mills Creek Park. The presenting squad, Back Room Coffee Roasters, has informed us that the course will be mostly flat, fast and a few technical wooded sections. That doesn’t mean boring though, the weather may play a large factor in the course conditions.Thus far the outlook is that it should stay frozen through the week and looks to warm up a bit on Sunday. That means the snow won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. . . Or until race day. Prepare for frozen, snowy conditions in the morning and sloppy, peanut butter-y mud in the afternoon.

Preregistration - http://joinarace.com/event/details/backroom-coffee-roasters-cx

Directions - Mill Creek Park 501 N. Maple St. Marysville, Oh 43040
Marysville, OH

Adjusted Race Schedule for Cap City Cross #10 at Mills Creek Park -

  • 12pm
    • Cat 4/5 Men
    • Cat 3/4 Women
    • Juniors boys and girls
  • 1pm
    • Cat 3/4 Men
  • 2pm
    • Masters 35+/45+
    • Single Speed Open
  • 3pm 
    • Cat 1/2/3 Men
    • Cat 1/2/3 Women

Flyer - https://www.usacycling.org/events/flyer.php?permit=2013-4045

Also this weekend -

NEOCX is wrapping up their series with a race finale named “UrbanCX” on Saturday December, 14, 2013. The race will be held around the velodrome and will have an after party with libations, snacks and awards for the overall series leaders! Information can be found here.

Support them! Support Ohio cyclo-cross!

See you Sunday!

Cap City Cross #9 @ Infirmary Mound CX – 12.7.2013 – Recap, Results and Photos


(SnowCX Bottleneck – Photo from Rick Jordan)

After close to 12 hours of snow on Friday afternoon, Saturday started off sunny and cold. The ground was frozen and the snow didn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. However, once the sun hit the highest point, it was just enough heat up the ground and make a few parts of the course muddy and sloppy. Once again, this left the early morning races with slightly more manageable race conditions. The afternoon race’s, the collegiate A/B and Men/Women’s 1/2/3, had to deal with peanut buttery mud. However that did not stop the racers from putting in big efforts.

It was great to see everyone out giving it a go in the shin deep snow and not letting mud cluttered bikes bring down their races! Thanks for coming out! With one race left, we’re bound to see some good battles to solidify places in the overall.

On that note, our statistician is hard at work compiling the updated overalls. There have been a few discrepancies and we’re trying to get them worked out before posting them. Thanks for being patient!

ResultsCap City Cross #9 @ Infirmary Mound

Photos -

Up Next - 

Well, it’s been a long season. We’ve seen it all here – from the dry and fast early season races to the last couple that have been damp, wet and muddy. We’ve even seen our fair share of snow and we’re not done yet!

We have one last race! One last chance to flex your CX muscle before the off season! Back Room Coffee Roasters will be hosting the series finale at Mills Creek Park in Marysville, OH on December 15, 2013. The weather outlook is pretty straightforward – cold, snowy and cloudy. It’s looking to warm up a bit on Sunday but it will be cloudy. Plan accordingly! See you out there!

Cap City Cross #9@ Infirmary Mound CX – 12.7.2013


(I hate to reuse a photo, but this captures Infirmary Mound very well)

Yo! We’re back again. This week Cap City Cross resumes at another run at Infirmary Mound! The first round at Infirmary Mound featured a dry and fast course with a fair amount of climbing and plenty of technical off camber goodness. This weekend presents much of the same, except course conditions may be a little different. The forecast this week is calling for warming and cooling temperatures and a fair amount of precipitation in form of rain and snow. I’d anticipate a slick course at best, with some pretty heavy mud at the worst. The course is most similar to Saturday’s from the last race weekend, but omits the singletrack in leu of extra turns after the start, to better meet USAC championship requirements and improve spectating. The new course is more compact, while still retaining the  fast pace and high-speed racing from from the first round of Infirmary races.

Also, Paradise Garage Racing and Ohio Dominican University have teamed up to host the MWCCC Cyclocross Championships. This means that racers from all over the midwest will be showing up and racing to claim the midwest regional championship. This will ramp up the level of racing as well as the competition in every field, whether it’s a collegiate race or a standard Cap City Cross series category race. MWCCC includes a few national champions, and rumor has it they may be in attendance.
The two clubs have guaranteed running water with hoses and nozzles for those with pit bikes and pit crews. The pit will be accessible from the right side of the course at two locations, with plenty of room for bikes, wheels, and mechanics.
Finally, the race day schedule has been modified to accommodate the collegiate races. Please be sure to check, recheck and triple check to make sure you don’t miss your start time. As always, registration closes fifteen minutes to posted race time. 

Preregistration can be found here - https://www.usacycling.org/events/?permit=2013-3892

Modified Race Schedule for Cap City Cross #9/MWCCC Cyclo-cross Championships - 

  • 9:00 am Mens Cat 4/5 – 30 Minutes
  • 9:45 am Mens Junior – Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-18 – 30 Minutes
  • 9:45 am Womens – Cat 3/4 30 Minutes
  • 9:45 am Womens – Junior Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-8 30 Minutes
  • 10:30 am Mens – Cat 3/4 – 45 Minutes
  • 11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 35+ 45 Minutes
  • 11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45+ 45 Minutes
  • 11:30 am Open – Single Speed Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45 Minutes
  • 12:45 pm Mens – Collegiate B B/C/D 40 Minutes
  • 12:45 pm Womens – Collegiate All Cat 40 Minutes
  • 1:30 pm Mens – Collegiate A 60 Minutes
  • 2:35 pm Womens – Cat 1/2/3 45 Minutes
  • 3:35 pm Mens – Cat 1/2/3 60 Minutes

Directions - When routing to the park with Google the address does not take you to the exact entrance of the park. The park is on Lancaster Rd (37) and is marked reliably with signs. Looking for signs is your best bet to find the venue easily. If coming from 70 it is just beyond Union Rd. and will be on your right. If coming from Granville, it is beyond Old Farm Rd. and on your left.

Official USAC Flyer - Here 

Overalls – Will be posted shortly

See you Saturday!