Big Run CX – 12.8.2012 – Thanks for coming!

Now that Big Run CX is over and done, we’d like to thank everyone that came out and braved the slick, off camber course. Our premier venue proved it could hold up in the rain and mud. The derby will was nice for shedding mud out of those knobbies and offering momentary relief and recovery from the demanding course.

We’d also like to thank those who stuck around to help clean up and tear down! We appreciate the help!

We’ll have the results posted as soon as possible. Overalls will be updated by midweek and we’ll have you ready to square off for the series finale at Smith Farms in two weeks! It’s┬ábeginning┬áto look a lot like. . . Christmascross?

Also, keep checking back for information about the end of the series party and all that lovely stuff.

See ya!

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