Cap City Cross #2 @ Big Run Park – 10.5.2013

And, we’re back! After a weekend off, Cap City Cross is back at you with a race at a classic Cap City Cross venue, Big Run Park!



(See the background? Prepare thyself!)

So, what makes Big Run a staple? For staters there’s a soap box derby hill that rises quite dramatically over 300 meters. Luckily, racers start at the bottom and climb to the top. You may want to reconsider taking the whole shot for this one and instead try to find a wheel and hang on. Then, the real race is on. You’ll be forced to race on one the toughest, fastest and off camber courses in the state. There’s even a nice, smooth single track section that can be tricky if it’s wet.

Keep in mind – If it’s dry, it’s going to be slippery. If it’s wet, it’s going to be a mess. The forecast is showing nice weather all week with the possibility of showers/thunderstorms on Saturday. As of now (Sept. 30) there’s only a 40% chance.

Registration will open at 9am and close 15 minutes prior to the posted race times! Course will open for pre-riding at 9am as well. If we’re set up enough the day before (Friday 10.4), it’s likely it will be open then as well.

Remember to bring your numbers from the first race at Summit Vision. We are using those fancy, cloth numbers for the entire season. If you lose yours, it will cost $10 for a new one.

Kenda, Cafe Brioso and Westerville Bike Shop are sponsoring this weekends race as well! Be sure to find someone from one of these businesses and thank them for supporting cycling and cyclocross racing! They deserve it more than anyone!

Finally, there are a slew of races in Ohio on Sunday, October 6. First is NEOCX #5 in Willoughby, OH. The title of the race is “Hills Yea!”. Sounds fun. Second is OVCX #3 at the Gun Club, a classic OVCX course most have raced on. Some say mountain bike-y, some say not. Find out for yourself. Double racing in Ohio this weekend! How awesome is that?!

Most importantly though, see you Saturday! Bring your fast legs, you’re going to need them.