Cap City Cross #3 @ Lobdell Frisbee Course – 10.12.2013



(RUN UP!!!)

Whoa, wait, what? I know what you’re thinking, “I’m getting seven days to recover this week instead of my normal 14?”

Well yea. We’re in full fledge ‘cross season here. Races are only going to get harder. Plus some other series’ have already done five races this season, FIVE! So toughen up a bit and come play.

This week we’re headed out east to another classic Cap City Cross venue at Lobdell Frisbee course. While not as hard as Big Run, Lobdell certainly has a little more elevation. It’s sort of run a different way though. Where Big Run feature quite a few quick climbs and small descents, Lobdell has one, major climb. The park is built on three tiers. Luckily the race starts on the bottom level. To get to the second level you’ll have to run up a nice, steep hill and hop back on your bike and climb to the third tier. Once up top, there will be some wide open twists and turns, maybe a false flat or two, then a screaming fast descent. But don’t worry, that “climb” accounts for two-thirds of your lap time. Recovery is key on the descent, but don’t get too comfy.

For directions search Google for “Lobdell Reserve Frisbee Course”.

Team Six One Four will be out there setting up, running registration and tearing down. They have pre-registration offered here –


Remember to bring your numbers. We are using those fancy, cloth numbers for the entire season. If you lose yours, it will cost $10 for a new one.

As always, registration will open at 9am, racing starts at 10am with the men’s Cat 4/5 field and wraps up at 2:35 with men’s cat 1/2/3 field.

Following Saturday’s race is the fourth stop in the Ohio Vally Cyclocross Series at Caesar’s Ford in Xenia, Ohio on Sunday! They’ve got preregistration available at at BikeReg.

See you all this weekend!