Cap City Cross #4 – Darree Fields #1 – 11.11.2012

For those of you that missed the short track series, Darree Fields is a pan flat, unused plot of land on the NW corner of Dublin. Usually this park is used for baseball games and soccer matches, but the kind folks over at the Dublin city council were kind enough to give a drainage ditch to use for some cyclocross racing.

What to expect?

Well. . . Remember those high speed crits last summer? Expect something a bit like that. There will be pack racing, high speeds and fast, sprint finishes. The course is 95% flat  and fast. To throw a wrench in this race (seemingly any roadies cyclocross dream) we’ve added some berms and turns. There’s also a set of stairs; steep, tall, rough and tough.

What do I mean?

I mean there are going to be some turns that are so fast you better not grab a bit of brake or you’re going to lose the wheel of the rider in front of you, quick. But don’t think it’s time to rest and relax once you’re back on that riders wheel because you’re about to dismount and run up some seriously gnarly stairs. I’m talking stairs the size of barriers. Imagine four in a row, except going up towards the heavens. But after a quick remount and decent, the recovery may begin. . . just in time for another lap. Recovery may not be an issue if it rains or is the slightest bit wet. It likes to stick like peanut butter and is very, very, very slippery.

Here’s the weather outlook for the week, remember we’re in central Ohio and it is fall so the weather will change a few more times before the race day.

Sound fun? We here at Cap City Cross seem to think so.

Check the schedule page for directions. Just a quick note, please use Cosgray Rd. entrance to the park. We will have the Hourchard Rd. entrance closed for our start/finish area.

See you on Sunday.

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