Cap City Cross #6 – Smith Farms CX p/b Team Jeni’s – 11.10.2013 – Preview


(Smith Farms is all about being able to ride in a group)

What’s up?! Did everyone have a nice weekend off of racing and get in some hard training? Or did you get down to Cincinnati and take part in the Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival? Either way, it’s great preparation for the next race in the series!

Located on the southeast side of Columbus, Smith Farms is a relatively flat park with a few short, steep inclines. There are some twists and turns thrown in there, but this race is all about pack racing. After a series of twist and turns, there are long, grinding straights that are usually right in to the wind. Ideally, the racer will find a wheel and there are usually plenty of “road” tactics to employ; go out early and build and advantage or sit in and wait for the right time? While seemingly simple, Smith Farms wears riders down.

But if it didn’t wear a rider down, it wouldn’t be racing now would it?!

Additionally,  Smith Farms is the closest venue to downtown Columbus and is great for spectators, so bring out your family and friends to catch some good racing! Team Jeni’s has hooked up with Mikey’s Late Night Slice to bring out a truck and unload some pie to spectators and racers alike.

Team Jeni’s has set up pre-registration through this link –

Hope to see everyone out there!