Cap City Cross #7 – Big Run Fun CX – 12.8.2012

The soap box hill is calling your name

Just when you thought that ‘cross season was nearing it’s end and the races were getting that much easier, Cap City Cross brings you it’s premier cyclocross course. It’s an unusual atmosphere over at Big Run Park. Smack dab in the middle of pan flat central Ohio sits a small hill built hundreds of years ago for cars fixed with nothing more than weights and a handbrake. (Well maybe not hundreds, but a few years at least)

They were going down, you’ll be going up!


It shouldn’t be, this is ‘cross for heaven’s sake, not a doughnut ride or a no drop Tuesday evening group ride with all your pals. And you think it’s only once or twice? WRONG. More like 4 times, or MORE, per race!

But that’s not even the beginning of it!

It gets even better. When you’re called to the line, you won’t be starting on a nice flat piece of pavement. . . You’ll be staring straight at the wall that is the soap box derby hill. The official will shout, “GO!” and the race to the top is on. After a nice 300 meter sprint over the top, you’ll see some dirt. There will be some turns. Some berms. Some run ups and definitely some off cambers. And some serious straightaways, so find a wheel to follow.

The second half of the course is more straight forward. After the pits there will be a single-track-ish climb and decent, some 180° turns and straightaways. You’ll need to turn your engine on soon or you’ll quickly be blown off the back of your group.

Remember it’s not over once you hit the derby hill!? You are going to be climbing to the start of another lap or the finish line.

It’s a “leave everything on the course” sort of race.

Very general and vague course layout;

And the weather forecast for the week;

So far rain is predicted for the Cap City area this weekend. Note that it’s only 40% so it could go either way. If it’s wet, prepare for it to be slippery. If it’s dry, it’s going to be fast.

Overall points

Our points analyst guy, Allan, is compiling the numbers and crunching them in to pieces. We will have them up and ready by mid week and posted at the race.

See you all Saturday!

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