Cap City Cross #8 – Postgivingcross @ Darree Fields p/b Cap City Cycling – 11.30.2013 – Results, Recap and Photos


(THE STAIRS! Photo Cred. – Susan Hackett)

If there’s anything to be thankful for this week it’s the dedicated racers that came out to PostgivingCX at Darree Fields. The early racers were treated to a frozen, rutted course that was as slippery as an ice skating rink. Around 11am, the sun emerged from the clouds and the temperatures began to rise. In a few short minutes, the course was transformed from a fast, slick track to a muddy, sloppy mess. The lucky ones had good friends and family in the pits, while others were forced to ride the course with heavy, slippery, muddy bikes.

Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to those that stuck around to help tear down! We love it when you race and love it more when you help out!


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Up Next

Cap City Cross resumes Saturday, December 7, 2013 for a second round at Infirmary Mound. It was such a hit the first time that Paradise Garage Racing decided to do it again. Well, sort of! This time it’s going to be a little different. Paradise Garage and Ohio Dominican University have teamed up and are hosting the MWCCC Cyclocross Championships. It’s bound to be a great time! Collegiate racers from all over the midwest will descend on Infirmary Mound to be crowned victor of the collegiate series! There’s also going to be standard Cap City Cross category races as well!

The race day schedule has been modified to allow room for the collegiate races, be sure to check and recheck the schedule to make you make it to the modified race time!

9:00 am Mens Cat 4/5 – 30 Minutes
9:45 am Mens Junior – Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-18 – 30 Minutes
9:45 am Womens – Cat 3/4 30 Minutes
9:45 am Womens – Junior Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-8 30 Minutes
10:30 am Mens – Cat 3/4 – 45 Minutes
11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 35+ 45 Minutes
11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45+ 45 Minutes
11:30 am Open – Single Speed Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45 Minutes
12:45 pm Mens – Collegiate B B/C/D 40 Minutes
12:45 pm Womens – Collegiate All Cat 40 Minutes
1:30 pm Mens – Collegiate A 60 Minutes
2:35 pm Womens – Cat 1/2/3 45 Minutes
3:35 pm Mens – Cat 1/2/3 60 Minutes
There will be a few more reminders this week about the race day schedule modification.
See you next Saturday!


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