Cap City Cross #9 @ Infirmary Mound CX – 12.7.2013 – Recap, Results and Photos


(SnowCX Bottleneck – Photo from Rick Jordan)

After close to 12 hours of snow on Friday afternoon, Saturday started off sunny and cold. The ground was frozen and the snow didn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. However, once the sun hit the highest point, it was just enough heat up the ground and make a few parts of the course muddy and sloppy. Once again, this left the early morning races with slightly more manageable race conditions. The afternoon race’s, the collegiate A/B and Men/Women’s 1/2/3, had to deal with peanut buttery mud. However that did not stop the racers from putting in big efforts.

It was great to see everyone out giving it a go in the shin deep snow and not letting mud cluttered bikes bring down their races! Thanks for coming out! With one race left, we’re bound to see some good battles to solidify places in the overall.

On that note, our statistician is hard at work compiling the updated overalls. There have been a few discrepancies and we’re trying to get them worked out before posting them. Thanks for being patient!

ResultsCap City Cross #9 @ Infirmary Mound


Up Next – 

Well, it’s been a long season. We’ve seen it all here – from the dry and fast early season races to the last couple that have been damp, wet and muddy. We’ve even seen our fair share of snow and we’re not done yet!

We have one last race! One last chance to flex your CX muscle before the off season! Back Room Coffee Roasters will be hosting the series finale at Mills Creek Park in Marysville, OH on December 15, 2013. The weather outlook is pretty straightforward – cold, snowy and cloudy. It’s looking to warm up a bit on Sunday but it will be cloudy. Plan accordingly! See you out there!