Cap City Cross Series Standings – Final

From everyone at Cap City Cross, Happy New Year! 

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for.

For a complete list, go here: Cap City Cross Series Standings (post Big Run)

Welp, there they are. The final standings for the 2012 Cap City Cross series.

Mike McClinchie didn’t show up to Smith Farms and was unable to retain his first place position in the men’s Cat 4 field. Matt Berrisford lept over McClinchie for first place. McClinchie dropped to second and Daniel Antoon capped the season off and lept over two racers to finish on the podium.

Kim Cory walked away from the women’s Cat 3/4 race with a second place at Smith Farms and left Rhonda Wamsley and Lauren Kraft ( a no show at Smith Farms) to fill out the podium.

As previously stated and widely known, Daniel Newhart didn’t even have to show up to be victorious in the men’s Cat 3 field. He still showed up for some parade laps and left the fight for the podium up to the other men. Chris Ardnt’s third place was enough to finish second and Cap City Cross series veteran, Joel Ronschke, finished third overall.

The single speed field came down to the last race. Jeremy Russell was ahead by 100 points and Josh Direen was looking to tie it up in his absence. Unfortunately, some racers outside the series standings came and stole valuable points from Direen, locking him in in second, 12 points behind Jeremy Russell. In third was Noah Huston.

In the old guys field. . . I mean Master 35+ field, Laurence “Larry P” Pesyna won the overall with a streak of early series wins and podiums. J.d. Kimple was chasing all season and came in to form in the final few races, but was unable to catch Pesyna. Rick Voithfer rode consistently to finish third overall.

Jen Peters won the women’s Cat 1/2/3 field without showing up to the final two races. Victoria Steen was coming in to form and chasing Peters hard, but was unable to bridge the gap. Kristen Arnold claimed the last step on the podium with a solid third place finish at Smith Farms.

Finally, Nicholas Vorwerk narrowly held on to the lead in the men’s Cat 1/2/3 field. His lead cut down slowly by a consistent Trevor Miller. Shawn Adams’ late season run of wins wasn’t enough to climb to the top of the podium, but did allow him to leap frog in to third place.

That’s it! Thanks again for making the 2012 Cap City Cross season a blast!

From everyone at Cap City Cross, Happy New Year!

Remember the series party is at Cafe Brioso on Jan. 12, 2013. We’re working out the details now