Cap City Cross Series Standings – Post Big Run CX

Series Standings Update

For a complete list, go here: Cap City Cross Series Standings (post Big Run)

The general consensus after Big Run CX was that the course was tough. The hardest part, for most, wasn’t the 300 meter climb to the top of the derby hill or the single track climb and descent, it was the awful (I mean that in the best way possible) amount of off camber hairpins and turns throughout the course.

I thought it was fun and really can’t wait for next year.

So, where there any major shake ups?


Mike McClinchie is still leading in the men’s Cat 4, but with a 19 point lead over Matt Berrisford. Berrisford leapfrogged Dan Ramsey, Jeremy Russell, Daniel Antoon and Jeff Davis. Ramsey, Russell and Antoon were a no show and Davis had a rough tumble just before the race, forcing every riders nightmare. . . the DNF. If all six show up to Smith Farms, there will be some fireworks.

The women’s Cat 3/4 race is more or less decided. Kim Cory has it locked up. Lauren Kraft, Kristen Arnold and Tori Steen have all moved on to the Cat 1/2/3 race. Rhonda Wamsley, winner at Big Run, and Kayla Starr will fill out the podium, the order is yet to be decided.

Dan “Danimal” Newhart has the ment’s Cat 3/4 race locked up. Chasing him, without a shot in the world, is Christopher Arndt and Joel Ronschke. However, Ronschke and Arndt are only separated by 27 points and Brian O’Hara is coming in to the last few races on fire. I’m guessing he’d like an overall podium before the 2012 season is wrapped up.

Last week I noted that Big Run wasn’t the most single speed friendly course on the planet and as usual, I was wrong. The ungodly amount of rain we received over the week made big run a sloppy, muddy mess; ideal for those bikes lacking derailleurs and shifters. Josh Direen came out swinging and won big at big Run. However, Jeremy Russell is leading the series by 100 points. All Russell has to do is finish Smith Farms for the overall win, but if he’s a no show and Direen shows and wins, the series will end in a tie. Speaking of ties, Ben Anderson and Noah Hutson (both no shows at Big Run) are still tied for third. If the single speed overall ends it a tie, we’re setting up a course with a four battle. That or no one may claim the overall victory or stand on the podium.

Mr. no show to Big Run, Larry “Larry P” Peyna, still has a fairly commanding lead in the old dudes race. Cap City’s own J.D. Kimple moved up two spots to second and Saturday’s Masters 35+ winner, Jon Clous moved in to third. Clous and Kimple can’t catch Pesyna, but sure can battle it out for second.

Jennifer Peter’s 100+ point lead in the women’s 1/2/3 race is enough for her to claim the overall without even showing to Smith Farms. . . but that wouldn’t be fun, would it? Amy Kulesza is still in second. Do you remember those three women that chose the hard road and moved out of the Cat 3/4 to the 1/2/3 (Steen, Arnold & Kraft)? Well they’re in a three way battle to round out the podium. Steen is unbeaten in her previous three races and could move in to second if her winning streak continues. Thusly, Kulesza, Arnold and Kraft may have to duke it out for third.

Nicholas Vorwerk didn’t show to Big Run, but retained his overall lead after a streak of dominating performances. Trevor Miller hopped Spencer Hackett for second. Hackett’s DNF at Big Run put a dent in his total while Shawn Adams’ win have him nipping at the heels of Hackett for the final step. Adams is 47 points off Miller and 34 off Hackett. It should be noted that the top 4 races are only separated by 74 points. That’s heavy!

Complete list of series standings.

A quick note: Points are only awarded to the top 10 finishers in each category, everyone else receives (11+, DNF, DNS) points. 

That’s it for now. You all know what is on the line. Those of you with a comfortable lead, should start preparing your toast. And to those locked in a tight battle, get to work. A week and a half is quite a bit of time to fine tune that “form”.

See ya Smith Farms (Dec. 23, 2012)!

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