Cap City Cross Series Standings

Series Standings

For a complete list, go here: Cap City Cross Series Standings

With only two races left in the series, the battles for the overall standings are taking shape. While the top steps may be decided after this weekend’s race at Big Run, the lower steps are still to be decided.

In the Men’s Cat 4, Mike McClinchie has a two point lead over Jeremy Russell. Following, very closely I might add, is Dan Ramsey in third. The top step on the podium is separated by 7 points! Need I say more? Of course I do! Daniel Antoon and Jeff Davis (super awesome coffee dude from Cafe Brioso) are just off the podium, I expect a late series run from one of the two.

Kim Cory has a commanding lead in the Women’s 3/4 race, but the battle for second and third is still panning out. Lauren Kraft is ahead of  Kristen Arnold by 10 points, with the fourth placed rider far off. Without worry, Arnold and Kraft will be duel it out at Big Run and Smith Farms. Will it be a battle for second or will they go for first?

The Cat 3/4 race is being lead by Dan “Danimal” Newhart. Christopher Arndt and Cap City Cross veteran, Joel Ronschke, are within two points of each other. Arndt is in second and Ronschke in third. Who will be the most consistent? Taylor Kruse and Brian O’Hara are knocking at the doors of the podium. Will they get there? Can Danimal hold his lead? Big Run should answer that.

While everyone else is worried about shifting up or down, the single speeders are hammering on. Jeremy Russell is leading Ben Anderson and Noah Hutson by 19 points. While Big Run isn’t the most single speed friendly course on the planet, the duel for the ultimate Cap City Cross SSer is just ramping up. Assuming they all show up for the final two races, it’s likely that we’ll see a single speed battle that sets the stage for the 2013 SSCXWC.

At this point I’ve almost forgotten about the old guys.


Laurence “Larry P” Pesyna is up nearly 100 points on second place rider Tim “Man of  town” Brown. Jon Clous is riding strong in third, but he’s been quoted that he’s preparing for a late season blitzkrieg. If he can maintain pace, Brown and Pesyna shouldn’t get very comfortable.

The Women’s 1/2/3 race is close, but if Jennifer Peters comes out and finishes the last two races, she’ll have the overall win wrapped up. It should be noted that Amy Kuleza and Victoria Steen aren’t going down without a fight. Steen is coming on in the final races and Kuleza has been riding consistently the entire series. Melissa Wick, in fourth place, is also in the mix. Don’t count her out just quite yet.

Finally, the Men’s 1/2/3 race is close, maybe the closest aside from the Men’s Cat 4. Nicolas Vorwerk started the year in the Cat 4 ranks. In one day he won the Cat 4 and Cat 3/4 race. The next week he stepped up and won the Men’s 1/2/3 race. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. He’s strong and he’s out to win. However, Spencer Hackett is trailing by a 30 points with Trevor Miller behind another 70 points. They both want a taste of glory. Out of towner, Shawn Adams, came on strong at the Darree Fields races and moved, swiftly, in to fourth. A few more wins and Adams may steal the overall Cap City Cross glory from a central Ohioan.

Complete list of series standings.

Did I miss anyone?

Most likely.

Do you want glory? Fame? Fourtune?

Of course you do.

Come step your game, play cyclocross with us and you can have a shot at glory, bragging rights or what ever you call it.

See ya at Big Run!

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