Cap City Cross #10 @ Mills Creek Park, Marysville, OH – 12.15.2013 p/b Back Room Coffee Roasters – **Series Finale**


(Race face! One last time! For the Glory! – Photo Cred – Susan Hackett)

Alright Cap City Crossers, we’ve got one last party for you! One last day of pain and suffering before the long, cold and boring winter months! One last race to prove that you are, in fact, the greatest amongst your peers.

This week we’ll be wrapping the series up in Marysville, OH at Mills Creek Park. The presenting squad, Back Room Coffee Roasters, has informed us that the course will be mostly flat, fast and a few technical wooded sections. That doesn’t mean boring though, the weather may play a large factor in the course conditions.Thus far the outlook is that it should stay frozen through the week and looks to warm up a bit on Sunday. That means the snow won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. . . Or until race day. Prepare for frozen, snowy conditions in the morning and sloppy, peanut butter-y mud in the afternoon.

Preregistration -

Directions - Mill Creek Park 501 N. Maple St. Marysville, Oh 43040
Marysville, OH

Adjusted Race Schedule for Cap City Cross #10 at Mills Creek Park -

  • 12pm
    • Cat 4/5 Men
    • Cat 3/4 Women
    • Juniors boys and girls
  • 1pm
    • Cat 3/4 Men
  • 2pm
    • Masters 35+/45+
    • Single Speed Open
  • 3pm 
    • Cat 1/2/3 Men
    • Cat 1/2/3 Women

Flyer -

Also this weekend -

NEOCX is wrapping up their series with a race finale named “UrbanCX” on Saturday December, 14, 2013. The race will be held around the velodrome and will have an after party with libations, snacks and awards for the overall series leaders! Information can be found here.

Support them! Support Ohio cyclo-cross!

See you Sunday!

Cap City Cross #9 @ Infirmary Mound CX – 12.7.2013 – Recap, Results and Photos


(SnowCX Bottleneck – Photo from Rick Jordan)

After close to 12 hours of snow on Friday afternoon, Saturday started off sunny and cold. The ground was frozen and the snow didn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. However, once the sun hit the highest point, it was just enough heat up the ground and make a few parts of the course muddy and sloppy. Once again, this left the early morning races with slightly more manageable race conditions. The afternoon race’s, the collegiate A/B and Men/Women’s 1/2/3, had to deal with peanut buttery mud. However that did not stop the racers from putting in big efforts.

It was great to see everyone out giving it a go in the shin deep snow and not letting mud cluttered bikes bring down their races! Thanks for coming out! With one race left, we’re bound to see some good battles to solidify places in the overall.

On that note, our statistician is hard at work compiling the updated overalls. There have been a few discrepancies and we’re trying to get them worked out before posting them. Thanks for being patient!

ResultsCap City Cross #9 @ Infirmary Mound

Photos -

Up Next - 

Well, it’s been a long season. We’ve seen it all here – from the dry and fast early season races to the last couple that have been damp, wet and muddy. We’ve even seen our fair share of snow and we’re not done yet!

We have one last race! One last chance to flex your CX muscle before the off season! Back Room Coffee Roasters will be hosting the series finale at Mills Creek Park in Marysville, OH on December 15, 2013. The weather outlook is pretty straightforward – cold, snowy and cloudy. It’s looking to warm up a bit on Sunday but it will be cloudy. Plan accordingly! See you out there!

Cap City Cross #9@ Infirmary Mound CX – 12.7.2013


(I hate to reuse a photo, but this captures Infirmary Mound very well)

Yo! We’re back again. This week Cap City Cross resumes at another run at Infirmary Mound! The first round at Infirmary Mound featured a dry and fast course with a fair amount of climbing and plenty of technical off camber goodness. This weekend presents much of the same, except course conditions may be a little different. The forecast this week is calling for warming and cooling temperatures and a fair amount of precipitation in form of rain and snow. I’d anticipate a slick course at best, with some pretty heavy mud at the worst. The course is most similar to Saturday’s from the last race weekend, but omits the singletrack in leu of extra turns after the start, to better meet USAC championship requirements and improve spectating. The new course is more compact, while still retaining the  fast pace and high-speed racing from from the first round of Infirmary races.

Also, Paradise Garage Racing and Ohio Dominican University have teamed up to host the MWCCC Cyclocross Championships. This means that racers from all over the midwest will be showing up and racing to claim the midwest regional championship. This will ramp up the level of racing as well as the competition in every field, whether it’s a collegiate race or a standard Cap City Cross series category race. MWCCC includes a few national champions, and rumor has it they may be in attendance.
The two clubs have guaranteed running water with hoses and nozzles for those with pit bikes and pit crews. The pit will be accessible from the right side of the course at two locations, with plenty of room for bikes, wheels, and mechanics.
Finally, the race day schedule has been modified to accommodate the collegiate races. Please be sure to check, recheck and triple check to make sure you don’t miss your start time. As always, registration closes fifteen minutes to posted race time. 

Preregistration can be found here -

Modified Race Schedule for Cap City Cross #9/MWCCC Cyclo-cross Championships - 

  • 9:00 am Mens Cat 4/5 – 30 Minutes
  • 9:45 am Mens Junior – Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-18 – 30 Minutes
  • 9:45 am Womens – Cat 3/4 30 Minutes
  • 9:45 am Womens – Junior Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-8 30 Minutes
  • 10:30 am Mens – Cat 3/4 – 45 Minutes
  • 11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 35+ 45 Minutes
  • 11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45+ 45 Minutes
  • 11:30 am Open – Single Speed Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45 Minutes
  • 12:45 pm Mens – Collegiate B B/C/D 40 Minutes
  • 12:45 pm Womens – Collegiate All Cat 40 Minutes
  • 1:30 pm Mens – Collegiate A 60 Minutes
  • 2:35 pm Womens – Cat 1/2/3 45 Minutes
  • 3:35 pm Mens – Cat 1/2/3 60 Minutes

Directions - When routing to the park with Google the address does not take you to the exact entrance of the park. The park is on Lancaster Rd (37) and is marked reliably with signs. Looking for signs is your best bet to find the venue easily. If coming from 70 it is just beyond Union Rd. and will be on your right. If coming from Granville, it is beyond Old Farm Rd. and on your left.

Official USAC Flyer - Here 

Overalls – Will be posted shortly

See you Saturday!


Cap City Cross #8 – Postgivingcross @ Darree Fields p/b Cap City Cycling – 11.30.2013 – Results, Recap and Photos


(THE STAIRS! Photo Cred. – Susan Hackett)

If there’s anything to be thankful for this week it’s the dedicated racers that came out to PostgivingCX at Darree Fields. The early racers were treated to a frozen, rutted course that was as slippery as an ice skating rink. Around 11am, the sun emerged from the clouds and the temperatures began to rise. In a few short minutes, the course was transformed from a fast, slick track to a muddy, sloppy mess. The lucky ones had good friends and family in the pits, while others were forced to ride the course with heavy, slippery, muddy bikes.

Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to those that stuck around to help tear down! We love it when you race and love it more when you help out!

Results -

Posted to USA Cycling - Cap City Cross #8 – PostgivingCX

Photos -

Up Next -

Cap City Cross resumes Saturday, December 7, 2013 for a second round at Infirmary Mound. It was such a hit the first time that Paradise Garage Racing decided to do it again. Well, sort of! This time it’s going to be a little different. Paradise Garage and Ohio Dominican University have teamed up and are hosting the MWCCC Cyclocross Championships. It’s bound to be a great time! Collegiate racers from all over the midwest will descend on Infirmary Mound to be crowned victor of the collegiate series! There’s also going to be standard Cap City Cross category races as well!

The race day schedule has been modified to allow room for the collegiate races, be sure to check and recheck the schedule to make you make it to the modified race time!

9:00 am Mens Cat 4/5 – 30 Minutes
9:45 am Mens Junior – Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-18 – 30 Minutes
9:45 am Womens – Cat 3/4 30 Minutes
9:45 am Womens – Junior Cat 1/2/3/4/5 10-8 30 Minutes
10:30 am Mens – Cat 3/4 – 45 Minutes
11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 35+ 45 Minutes
11:30 am Mens – Masters Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45+ 45 Minutes
11:30 am Open – Single Speed Cat 1/2/3/4/5 45 Minutes
12:45 pm Mens – Collegiate B B/C/D 40 Minutes
12:45 pm Womens – Collegiate All Cat 40 Minutes
1:30 pm Mens – Collegiate A 60 Minutes
2:35 pm Womens – Cat 1/2/3 45 Minutes
3:35 pm Mens – Cat 1/2/3 60 Minutes
There will be a few more reminders this week about the race day schedule modification.
See you next Saturday!


Cap City Cross #8 – Postgivingcross @ Darree Fields p/b Cap City Cycling – 11.30.2013 – Update

A few things about tomorrow’s race -

1. It’s likely to be muddy. The park does not have any running water so we are unable to provide power washers, so plan accordingly.

2. Dublin PD recommends keeping your car locked and valuables out of plain site. The officer I spoke to this morning said they’ve had some issues with stolen materials out of park user’s cars. Keep that in mind.

3. Have fun and no jerks.

4. The course is open and ready to ride! It starts at the parking lot and runs counter clockwise. If you’re out riding and break stake or tape, we’d appreciate if you’d stop and repair it.

See you all tomorrow! Registration opens at 9am and the first race is at 10am.

Cap City Cross #8 – Postgivingcross @ Darree Fields p/b Cap City Cycling – 11.30.2013 –

8195580945_91eb0aa4b3_cDarree Fields is a well known venue around the Cap City area. In the summer it hosts the Cap City Short Track MTB race series on a slightly shorter course. A few months later the ditch is cut and and transformed full on cyclo-cross course. Though it may be flat, don’t get to thinking that it’s an easy race. . . Or an off race. Once again it’s all about pack racing and being able to find a wheel and hold it. There are plenty of turns and berms, with a nice  (STEEP!!) set of stairs! It’s also not very smooth, it’s quite bumpy. So run that tire pressure a little lower and remember to keep pedaling.

Additionally, it’s a great way to burn off those holiday calories!

Directions - Darree Fields Park, Dublin, Ohio

Overalls – Will be posted shortly

Flyer - Posted to USAC here

Hope everyone has a great holiday! See ya Saturday.

Cap City Cross #7 – Alum Creek Beach Party CX p/b COMBO Racing – 11.16.2013 – Results, Recap and Photos



(Beach party, Cap City Style – Photo Cred – Susan Hackett)

Alum Creek is done and dusted (or sanded??) and another beach party has passed us by. The COMBO Race Team provided an excellent race venue with plenty of challenging aspects for everyone. While the first sand pit was easy and rideable, the second was a classic case of “find that rut and stick to it”. If you got out of the rut, you got off the bike and lost time. And what about those off cambers? Steep and short. You really had to trust your mechanic glued up those tubbies right or else. . .

Thanks to all the racers for coming out and having a good time with us and thanks to the COMBO Race Team for putting on the event!

Results -

Posted to USAC here – Cap City Cross #7 at Alum Creek 

Photos - 

Looking Ahead - 

Cap City Cross has the weekend off! However it’s just not any weekend off, it’s the Ohio State Cyclo-Cross Championships brought to you by the Northeast Ohio Cyclo-cross series.  There’s two days of racing for everyone – age and category races for both men and women. Check it out!

We’ll be back in a week’s time on November 30, 2013 for the second annual PostgivingCross at Darree Fields. More info will be posted shortly.

Cap City Cross Overalls – 11.14.2013 (Post Smith Farms) *UPDATED 11.15.2013

Full Overalls – Overalls as of 11.14.2013 (Post Smith Farms)

Those are your overalls as of Smith Farms last Sunday. There are some heated battles inside the top five in each category, as if you needed any more motivation to come out and race this weekend at Alum Creek. 

Quick rundown of top 5 in each category with points.

Men’s Cat 4/5

Francis Vincent 78 87 78 82 93 71 489
Sack Jeff 73 57 75 75 87 73 440
Brown Justin 60 73 73 71 75 64 416
Davis Jeff 61 63 69 64 56 65 378
Fields Nathan 87 100 87 67 341

Women’s Cat 3/4

Wei-Haas Maya 87 93 100 82 87 78 527
Wu Pei-I 75 87 82 62 82 87 475
LeRoy Amy 93 100 93 286
Kennel Julie 78 87 75 240
Evans Korin 69 71 73 213

Men’s Cat 3/4

Clevidence Michael 60 82 69 75 75 361
Brown Daniel 71 87 93 87 338
Neidinger William 65 73 82 78 298
O’Hara Brian 100 82 100 282
Direen Josh 100 93 87 280

Men’s Junior

Young Ryan 100 100 200
Adams Keaton 82 93 175
Clous Max 75 93 168
McLaughlin Ryan 100 100
Riemenschneider Ryan 100 100

Women’s Junior

Vorwerk Holly 100 100 100 300
Adams Camden 93 93

Men’s Open 35+

Clous Jon 93 100 100 93 386
Farnham David 73 93 78 87 331
Baldesare Jim 100 100 200
Knapp Chris 93 78 171
Thomas Jarom 87 71 158

Men’s Open 45+

Kimple John D. 71 100 78 73 78 400
Blair Garry 69 82 69 71 69 360
Peters Layne 65 93 93 87 338
Gardner Glen 1 87 67 100 255
Young Scott 82 0 75 82 239

Single Speed Open

Jones J. Taylor 100 78 93 271
Harbaugh Matt 87 93 82 262
Kruse Taylor 93 82 78 253
Brown Justin 82 87 82 251
Weeks Matthew 100 100 1 201

Women’s Category 1/2/3

Steen Victoria 75 93 93 93 100 100 554
Arnold Kristen 71 87 87 82 93 82 502
Hall Jillian 78 73 62 67 71 351
Lewis Sroka Julie 82 100 69 87 338
Strang Kellie 78 73 82 78 311

Men’s Category 1/2/3

McDaniel Joe 82 100 93 93 82 450
Gamm Ryan 93 100 78 93 364
Weeks Matthew 87 100 87 87 361
Hackett Spencer 1 60 69 67 69 73 339
Russell Duncan 63 69 60 65 78 335

Full Overalls – Overalls as of 11.14.2013 (Post Smith Farms)

Check ‘em out! See you Saturday!

Cap City Cross #7 – Alum Creek Beach Party CX p/b COMBO Racing – 11.16.2013


(Awesome fall color at Alum Creek. Photo Cred – Taylor Kruse)

No rest for the weary, right? Just a few off days and Cap City Cross resumes at Alum Creek State Park.

Also, this is the LAST RACE IN OHIO before the Ohio State Cyclocross Championships in Broadview Heights on November 23/24. There’s no time to soften up just yet, stay sharp and on form!

Preview -

The Alum Creek Beach Party is coming up this weekend Saturday November 16th! Come out and join the fun by racing a new twist on a great course, or come spectate by the bonfire on the beach!

This year’s new course will run reverse from previous years with some additional brand new sections. If you can figure out the GPS map in our pictures you will be so excited for what’s in store for you. A trek through the woods, dash through sandy pits, mash-up grassy hill’s with natural obstacles, and some nice extra wide trail to spin it up and pass that racer in front of you!

Registration Starts at 9AM and will close 15 minutes before each race. We will accept check, credit card, and cold hard cash!

DISCOUNTS! If you are a member of COMBO (Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization) you will get a $5 discount of your race. If you’re not you can sign up at the race to get your discount and become a member.

MUSIC! Kenny Lectro will be spinning some great beats to move your feets, so come out and jam.

Directions -

I-71 (The Polaris exit is the First Exit on I-71, North of 270 North):
-Exit Polaris Parkway (OH-750).
-Head East on Polaris Parkway.
-Take Left on Worthington Rd.
-Turn Left on Africa Rd.
-Turn Left on Lewis Center Rd.
-Go past the “Below Dam Area”.
-You will see a State Park Sign for the Alum Creek Beach Area on the RIGHT after driving 2.2 miles on Lewis Center.
-Enter the State Beach Park area and drive to the end, WOO HOO you are there!

US23 (Traveling North or South)
-Turn East on Lewis Center Rd.
-Drive 2.4 miles on Lewis Center until you see a State Park Sign for Alum Creek Beach on the LEFT (east side of the road), which will appear after you go around a bend in the road.
-Enter the State Beach Park area and drive to the end, WOO HOO you are there!

OverallsOveralls as of 11.14.2013 (Post Smith Farms)

See you on Saturday!

Cap City Cross #6 – Smith Farms CX p/b Team Jeni’s – 11.10.2013 – Results, Recap and Photos


(Weeks, Gamm and Martin working together, while not in that order, these three made the Men’s 1/2/3 podium. Photo from  Ron Kochanowski)

Smiths Farms was a hit! Despite the cool, breezy day most racers raced their hearts out on the challenging course set up by Team Jeni’s. They did an excellent job of incorporating the long straight aways with nice, twisty technical sections. At the end of the day, despite the wind and the cold, the course was fast. High speed all around, full gas for the entire race.

 Big props to Cafe Brioso for showing up with a full blown espresso machine. They definitely made cold spectators and racers happy!

Results -

Posted to USAC here – Cap City Cross #6

Photos - 

  • Julie Lewis-Sroka
    • Men’s 1/2/3 -
  • Rick Jordan
  • Ron Kochanowski

Looking Ahead – Cap City Cross resumes Saturday November 16 at Alum Creek State Park. If you’re unfamiliar with the park, it’s situated on the beach of Alum Creek reservoir. While mostly flat, there are some false flat inclines and plenty of off camber to test those technical skills. Anything else? Oh, yea, SAND! Plenty of sand. While flat and somewhat packable, it’s still sand and will still prove difficult.

But hey! Cyclo-cross racing isn’t supposed to easy. No gifts, ecspcially not this weekend. See you all Saturday!