Darree Fields #1 – 11.11.2012 POSTPONED

Hey everyone, we just wanted to get to you as quickly as possible. Our race tomorrow(11.11.2012) at Darree Fields in Dublin has been POSTPONED to a later date. We hate to do this at the last second, but it had to be done.

Check back regularly for the rescheduled date. We’ll be sure to get it posted as soon as we know the exact date.

Once again, we are super sorry to inconvenience everyone at the last minute.

See you soon.

2 thoughts on “Darree Fields #1 – 11.11.2012 POSTPONED

  1. Wtf,this is some Tim Tyler bullshit ,I aint losing my house ,do I still get points towards the overall,so there is no prizes ?i drove a half hour for this ,next time you should do this in the spring, ha !

  2. No seriously ,we are having a trail building day at Lobdell tomorrow if anyone wants to give back to the sport ,we would love to have some help .11-11-12 at 10 am we are meeting at the main trailhead/horse parking lot at he corner of mounts and Lobdell rd.wear boots gloves and clothes for brush all are welcome and needed call me with any questionds 6145060825

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