Darree Fields – 11.11.2011 – Updated Info ‘n’ stuff

Hello all,

I’m hear with some updates about our race this weekend at Darree Fields. Somethings have changed and I’ve spent some time over that the venue doing some recon before set up tomorrow morning.

First off, we will not be closing the Houchard Rd. entrance for a nice, fast road start/finish. Unfortunately, the construction on Cosgray Rd. is still in progress and they are using Houchard Rd. as the main entrance to the park for the time being. That being said, there is a small entrance on Cosgray Rd. you may use, you’ll just need follow the park road to the course.

Secondly, some course info. It’s going to be dry. So dry that it’s going to make for a quick paced race. Expect some super fast bermed turns, headwinds and pack racing.There will still be a pretty quick start, but it will be on grass/dirt.

Now don’t go thinking it’s going to flat, fast and easy because there’s one little thing in the way of that; it’s going to be rough. You’ll need to dial in that tire pressure so you’re not bumping up and down through every turn and straight.

Finally, we’ll have series overalls posted next week following the race at Darree Field. Thanks for being patient. That’ll be four races in with three to go. From there, we’ll try and post them after every race.

See everyone on on Sunday.

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