It’s party time – Cap City Cross #3 – Uncle Steve’s Halloween Party

Well then, the State Championships have come and passed and it brought some very great racing to the cap city area. It’s always awesome to see a giant, flat park transformed to a twisty, tough cyclocross playground.

With that being said, it’s time to get in that seasonal, Cap City Cross mood again. This week we’re heading to Uncle Steve’s in Marysville, OH where racing costs half price for costumed riders and the party eclipses the racing. But don’t let that scare you, there will still be a taped course and some pretty wicked, tight turns so you may not want to over due it too early. . . if you know what I’m saying.

Check the Schedule page for directions to Uncle Steve’s and be sure to bring a little extra $$$$$ for Uncle Steve’s General Store. He usually has some great honey and has been a growing force in the “Zombie Survival Food” industry for a few years now.

See you out there. Bring a costume. Have some fun.

Over n’ Out.

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