Old Results/Info


September 22: Lobdell Frisbee Course
Hills, hills and more hills. 75% riding or running uphill then a quick
descent and a fast finish.

October 14: Alum Creek Beach Party
Bringin’ it back to cap city circa: 2009. Sand. Sand. Sand.
all proceeds, and donations will go to benefit a local organization.

  • Directions – Alum Creek Beach Area parking lot. Off Lewis Center Road. From Interstate 71 – Polaris Pkwy. East to Worthington Rd. and take a left. Follow Worthington Rd. to the second light and take a left on Africa Road. Follow Africa Rd. to Lewis Center and take a left. Follow to Alum Creek State Park Beach Area parking lot on the right.

October 20/21 Cyclocross State Champs at Coffman Park in Dublin – non-series race

October 28: Uncle Steve’s Halloween Party
Not really a race to be won in any “conventional” fashion. Throw out
that stinky lycra garb and break out yer best Sunday dress. Costumed
racers pay half, so yea. Its Halloween for criminy sake! Plus you don’t
want to disappoint Uncle Steve.

November 17: Darree Fields #1 **Rescheduled for Nov. 17, 2012**
Remember this course from the short track series? It’s like
that but gonna be wayyyyy longer. If you didn’t make it to short track,
shame! Expect a pretty cool course with berms and a fast road start.

November 25: Darree Fields #2
So… same venue as the last race, but hopefully we get our gumption
together and change it at least a little bit.

December 8: Big Run
Big? Yes. Run? Yes. Course is easily my favorite. 2 big hills in one little
park. It incorporates a soap box derby hill for crying out loud.

Just FYI – We moved the race to Saturday December 8, 2012 so as to not conflict the the OVCX race at John Bryan race on December 9, 2012.

December 23: Smith Farms
Hopefully it will have snowed by this time of year making this course
especially hard. Euro style racing. Expect pack riding and sprint finishes. With a long gravel road section you’re gonna wanna find somebody to draft behind.