It’s race week here in the capital city! We’re getting down at Big Run Park on Saturday for those of you that are out of the loop.

I wanted to hit you all with some super crucial information before the weekend, so listen up.

We aren’t accepting cash, but we are accepting credit cards.

If you need a one day license, cat 5 men/cat 4 women ONLY, you may pre-register but you have pay the $15 on the day of the race.

KIDS RACE?! Oh yea, we got that. 1:30pm on a separate, little one friendly course. All they need are some wheels, a helmet and (the boring part) a signed waiver. Bring ’em out, have some fun! The future in the sport is bright for these children!

THE OHIO CROSS CUP! Qualifying race times!

  • M 1/2 – 12:30 pm
  • W 1/2 – 1:50 pm
  • M 3 – 10:45 am
  • W 3 – 1:50pm
  • M 4 – 11:45 am
  • W 4 – 10 am
  • M 35/45/55 – 2:45 pm

**We updated per OCA requests. Cat 3 Women looking to qualify for Ohio CX Cup will be racing at 1:50pm with the Women Cat 1/2/3 Women. If you need to have your registration adjusted please email Sorry for the confusion, thanks!**

There’s also a $15 surcharge for whining, moaning and complaining. $20 for being a jerk.



What time do you race?

Aren’t sure? Be sure. Be very sure and remember that registration for each field closes fifteen minutes prior to posted race time.

Here’s a nifty little reminder –

Race Times –

  • 10:00am – 30 minutes
    • Cat 3/4 Women, Juniors boys/Girls
  • 10:45am – 45 minutes
    • Cat 3/4 Men
  • 11:45 – 30 minutes
    • Cat 4/5 Men
  • 12:30 – 60 minutes
    • Cat 1/2/3 Men
  • 1:45 – 40 minutes
    • Cat 1/2/3 Women
  • 2:30 – 45 minutes
    • Single Speed, Masters 35/45/55(OhioCXCup Only)

Also, why not some registration links?!

See ya!

Cap City Cyclocross 2015

By now, I know most of you have seen this – 2015 Cap City Cyclocross Schedule – and I know you’re waiting for more.

So here it is –

The first three races have been permitted! The other’s will follow shortly.

Race #1 at Big Run Park – presented by Cap City/Brioso Cycling – will serve as the second stop Ohio Cycling Association’s Ohio CX Cup. To the average Cap City racer, expect some brute force coming from north and south to steal your thunder. Let’s hope those clinics and training hours pay off.

Race #2 at Lobdell Frisbee Park – presented by Veloscience – is a challenging, non-technical foray around one of central Ohio’s most beautiful parks. The leaves will be changing and the scenery will be beautiful, but don’t get caught gawking or you’ll be off the back before you know it.

Race #3 at Infirmary Mound – presented by Paradise Garage Racing – will be a first glimpse at the 2015 Ohio Cyclocross State Championships course AND it’s another stop in Ohio Cycling Association’s Ohio CX Cup. A chance for redemption from those out-of-towner CXers that stole your glory? That’s up to you.

Get registered for all three now – $25 for men/women, $10 for juniors. Links below!!

  1. Cap City Cross #1 [Ohio CX Cup #2] – Big Run Fun CX
  2. Cap City Cross #2 – Lobdell Frisbee CX
  3. Cap City Cross #3 [Ohio CX Cup #3] – Infirmary Mound

We can’t wait for September 19. By the sound of it, neither can any of you!

Now, off your phone/computer and get to work.

All Thing Cap City Short Track, 2015

Cap City Crossers,

Do yourself a favor and check the “2015 Cap City Short Track” tab just above this page. There you will find eerything from general info to results. The page will be updated weekly.

Pre-registartion is underway. Get in before July 5 and race the entire four race series the price of three! Head over to BikeReg to register.

Be sure to check out our weekly, series sponsors as well! Big thanks to Brioso Coffee, Paradise Garage, The Ohio Tap Room and Dan the Baker for supporting the 2015 series! They’ll be out each week handing out some nifty prizes, so you should head to their place each week and throw some love back at them!

As always, feel free to contact if you have any further questions, comments or concerns!

Thanks! See you in a few weeks!


Hello and Welcome

Happy Spring Cap City-ers! How’s everyone hanging?

It’s sort of odd to be posting here in mid-April but I come bearing some information that my be relevant to your interests –

Yesterday it was noted that starting on April 23, 2015 Cap City Cross and Cap City Short Track MTB would share the same website to keep all information on one, frequently updated and neatly arranged site.

Take a look up at that menu bar and keep an eye on the “2015 Cap City Short Track MTB” tab, I’ll be updating it frequently and ferociously because short track is right around the corner. I can’t promise anything but there should be a pretty significant update in the next couple of weeks regarding our beloved summer series.

In addition there will be some stuff about the cyclocross series too; but don’t get too excited, we’re still a few months away and there’s PLENTY of GREAT road and mountain bike racing to get stoked on before you start the inevitable transition later this year.

Happy pedalin’, see ya soon.

Gloves are in!

Happy January everyone! Quick note here –

Remember those super awesome, super great Defeet Dura Wool gloves that I’ve been going on about for awhile? Well, they’re in and ready to go!


$30, sm-xlrg, and you can use them with your freakin’ fancy phone. 2015-01-13 14.01.37 2015-01-13 13.59.16

Email – to order!

Series wrap up shindig

Yo! Join us Sunday Nov. 30, 2014 for the series party at Angry Bear Kitchen. Meet us there at 5pm and hang out till 8pm. We’ll be doing series overalls for each category in between sometime. But mostly we’ll just be hanging out, sipping some beers and high-fiving over what an awesome CX season we had.

Run down –

  • What? Cap City Cross Series Wrap Party
  • When? Nov. 30, 2014, 5-8pm
  • Where? Angry Bear Kitcen
  • Why? For fun!

Cap City Cross will be providing beer for FREE! Angry Bear is opening up it’s bar and staffing a bartender to serve us. They will also provide some communal poutine but you’re encouraged to bring some snacky type foods to share.

Please remember, TIP YOUR BARTENDER.

See you Sunday.

Overall Points! Series Wrap! Series Party!

Big thanks to everyone that braved the cold and came out to Infirmary Mound to send the 2014 series off with a bang! The Ohio Cup, mixed with some folks battling for series overall points, led to some great racing. Paradise Garage Racing didn’t spare a straight, a turn, or a camber in creating a viciously challenging course. Those that decided to double up appeared to be broken, wasted and lost following the second race.

All in good training, eh?

Here are the results for the final race –

As for the series wrap up party, mark you calendars for November 30, 2014. More information will be posted as soon as the plans are finalized. We will be meeting at Angry Bear Kitchen. The guys that own the place have opened the doors and will be providing some poutine for all. If you’d like to bring some shareable snack food or a tasty entree, feel free to add to the potluck. Columbus Brewing Company will be providing beer and the bar will be open (not free).


Here are the overalls –

Congrats and a shout out to each the top three in each field!

Women 1/2/3/ –
1. Kristen Arnold
2. Anneke Frankemolle
3. Julia Wu

Women 3/4 –
1. Jennifer Peters
2. Anna Haney
3. Amy Kulesza

Men 1/2/3 –
1. Matt Weeks
2. Ryan Gamm
3. Jay Karpinski

Men 4/5 –
1. Jeff Sack
2. David Rich
3. Peter Post

Men 3/4 –
1. Daniel Brown
2. Brian O’Hara
3. Dan Moning

SS Open
1. Larry Hughes
2. Justin Brown
3. Katsu Tanda

Masters 35+ –
1. Ben Kuhlmen
2. Vince Urichich
3. Bruce Pisarek

Masters 45+ –
1. Peter Czerwinski
2. J.D Kimple
3. David Spurlock

Junior Men –
1. Liam Hughes
2. Max Clous
3. Trace Hendricks

Junior Women –
1. Mari Grassi
2. Rosalyn Willey
3. Caroline Houk

Lastly, I’d like to shout out to our sponsors/clubs. They deserve a giant hand for supporting and making our series go around.

First off Brioso Coffee and Paradise Garage for being our biggest supporters, helpers and sponsors! I know most of you have checked them out, but continue to do so. Thank them when you see ’em.

Secondly, Columbus Brewing Company and Zeroz Wallets! Westerville Bike Shop and Angry Bear Kitchen (#poweredbypoutine). Yellow Brick Pizza, Roll Bikes! Was great to see Papa John’s of Central Ohio get involved with some free pies for volunteers and some rad podium schwag.

And THE clubs – Paradise Garage Racing! Lady Gnar Shredders! Team Jeni’s! Cap CIty-Brioso Cycling! They make the series go, so next time you see someone from one of those clubs be sure to thank them for their help and support.

Lastly thank YOU, the racers and spectators. This is all done for the racers. So thanks for coming out week after week. We all (clubs, sponsors, volunteers) appreciate the dedication to making local racing important and we can’t grow with out you.

See you at the party!

One to go, laastste ronde, finale – Infirmary Mound CX (Finale & Ohio CX Cup #5) Nov. 15, 2014

Thanks to everyone that came out and checked us out at Smith Farms last Saturday! The fall weather continues to avoid Cap City Cross races and we keep getting blessed with beautiful fall weather!

Big thanks to Team Jeni’s for putting on the event and setting up a drag race of a cyclocross course!

Here’s some results for the race –

Photos from Rick Jordan –

Updated overall results will be posted shortly!

Upon request from a number of racers, we are going to counting the four (4) best of five (5) races for the overalls.

Up next? The classic venue of Infirmary Mound in Granville Ohio! This dates back to one of Cap City Cross’s original venues. It features a little bit of everything, but not too much of one thing. Expect some rolling terrain, off cambers and fast racing.

Registration ends Nov. 13 at 11:45pm. Get registered here –

Thanks y’all, see ya soon!

Smith Farms Awesome CX – 11.8.2014 – 2 to go

Hello everyone. I apologize dearly for the lack of web updates over the past week.

I noticed quite a few Cap City-ers at the Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival last weekend. It seemed (of those I spoke with anyway) that everyone enjoyed the tougher courses and stiffer competition.

With that behind us, we look forward to the fourth stop in this year’s Cap City Cross series at Smith Farms presented by Team Jeni’s.

Oh yes! A race in mid-November race put on by a club that is supported by the best ice cream in Columbus. Word on the street is that they’ll be some chilly sweets for prizes!

Standard series information applies, but if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We have ample room for motorhomes at this venue, so planning ahead with us isn’t necessary.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR NUMBERS! Registration works will check them.

Oh, you can also preregister here –

Can’t think of anything else, but if I do, it will be updated here.

See you (non) jerks Saturday!