Cap City Cross #4 (Ohio CX Cup & NEOCX Mash-Up) & #5 (Halloween Party) @ Infirmary Mound CX – 10.26 & 10.27 –

(Lots of cool shots of Infirmary Mound in there, plus some very nice commentary)

From the gang over at Paradise Garage Racing -

Infirmary Mound is a classic Cap City course, fast, rolling terrain with off cambers, significant climbing, and wide open turns. This euro style course will play host to an ultra-competitive mash up field from Cap City Cross, Ohio CX Cup, and NEO CX. One weekend, two races, points for THREE series.
That’s right, this weekend we have two Cap City races (#4 & 5), and thus two chances for Cap City series points, but wait, there’s more. Saturday’s race counts for points in Ohio CX Cup and DOUBLE points in NEOCX.
Paradise Garage Racing has put together two totally different courses for the weekend; Saturday will feature a more traditional CX course with challenging corners, a short, but steep, rooted run-up or climb, and little opportunities to rest. Perfect for the championship level Ohio CX Cup racing. While, Sunday will feature an extended climb and a longer course, but faster racing. Both courses feature a deceivingly difficult uphill finish, a few great spectator locations, and easily accessible pits, with multiple  hose hookups (have a pressure washer?).
Feel free to work up an appetite out on the course, Yellow Brick Pizza will be there all day on Saturday serving up hot slices of pizza.
Competitors will be racing for prizes from Kenda, Homage, Seventh Son Brewing, Kona and more!
For those staying in town for the weekend, join us Saturday night at Seventh Son Brewing (1101 N. 4th st. Columbus, Ohio 43201) for a cyclocross halloween party! Drink specials for racers, costumes not required but encouraged. Wear your costume on Sunday for preferential call-up.
Pre-registration is open until 7pm on Wednesday night via:
Pre-registered racers get priority call-up on Saturday per Ohio CX Cup rules. But, as always, day of registration is available for no extra fee.
Sounds good to us, see you this weekend!

Cap City Cross #3 @ Lobdell Frisbee Course – 10.12.2013 – Results, Recap and Photos


(First lap ride-up/run-up was definitely a run-up)

Thanks to everyone that came out to stop number three in the Cap City Cross Series! Team Six One Four set up a challenging and climbers friendly course at Lobdell Frisbee Park! A lot of pain and suffering going on out there! It’s what we like to see!

Results -

Posted to USAC here -

Photos - 

Thanks again for coming out this weekend! Cap City Cross has a week off but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any racing! OVCX will be hosting race at a classic Ohio course in Yellow Springs at John Bryan State Park! Head out there to check them out! Don’t take a weekend off and let those legs go flat.

Cap City Cross resumes October 26/27 with Paradise Garage Racing at Infirmary Mound Park in Licking Co! October 26 is a CX Cup/NEOCX Mash Up and October 27 is for standard series points and state bragging rights! Keep checking back for details!

See you all soon!

2013 Cap City Cross Overalls – 1st Ed. – 10.9.2013

With two races out of the way, the first round of overalls have been compiled. Things are still a bit wonky – some men in the 4/5s and 3/4s are sort of controlling both fields, but that will be taken care of by the next race.

Also, what’s up with those NEOCXers controlling the top spots in the 1/2/3 field? Yo, Cap City Crossers, have you no respect for yourselves?! Let’s get to work and get those spots back!

As it was noted, we did not compile overall points for the 55+ field as that was a Ohio CX Cup field only.

Without further ado, here you are -

Officially, Official Overall Series Points as of 10.9.2013


The only races racers can double up in are Single Speed and Masters 35+/45+ Open fields. Racers are not eligible for winning, or being on the podium, for overalls in two category races (ie 3/4 and 1/2/3).

With that being said, Lobdell Frisbee CX is Saturday! See who you’re competing against and give them the battle they deserve!

Cap City Cross #3 @ Lobdell Frisbee Course – 10.12.2013



(RUN UP!!!)

Whoa, wait, what? I know what you’re thinking, “I’m getting seven days to recover this week instead of my normal 14?”

Well yea. We’re in full fledge ‘cross season here. Races are only going to get harder. Plus some other series’ have already done five races this season, FIVE! So toughen up a bit and come play.

This week we’re headed out east to another classic Cap City Cross venue at Lobdell Frisbee course. While not as hard as Big Run, Lobdell certainly has a little more elevation. It’s sort of run a different way though. Where Big Run feature quite a few quick climbs and small descents, Lobdell has one, major climb. The park is built on three tiers. Luckily the race starts on the bottom level. To get to the second level you’ll have to run up a nice, steep hill and hop back on your bike and climb to the third tier. Once up top, there will be some wide open twists and turns, maybe a false flat or two, then a screaming fast descent. But don’t worry, that “climb” accounts for two-thirds of your lap time. Recovery is key on the descent, but don’t get too comfy.

For directions search Google for “Lobdell Reserve Frisbee Course”.

Team Six One Four will be out there setting up, running registration and tearing down. They have pre-registration offered here -


Remember to bring your numbers. We are using those fancy, cloth numbers for the entire season. If you lose yours, it will cost $10 for a new one.

As always, registration will open at 9am, racing starts at 10am with the men’s Cat 4/5 field and wraps up at 2:35 with men’s cat 1/2/3 field.

Following Saturday’s race is the fourth stop in the Ohio Vally Cyclocross Series at Caesar’s Ford in Xenia, Ohio on Sunday! They’ve got preregistration available at at BikeReg.

See you all this weekend!

Cap City Cross #2 @ Big Run Park – 10.5.2013 – Quick Recap

Cap City Crossers!

Thank you very much for coming out and charging Big Run with us today!

I’d like to apologize to everyone for the delay this morning. We’re sorry to have had registration open so late and to push back the early race schedule. Thanks for being patient with us while we got it sorted out!

Also big shout out to our awesome officials – Mitch Beckner and Dave Groen – for helping, adapting and assisting today!

In the end, everything turned out great and it seemed that everyone had a great (considerably speaking, Big Run isn’t the easiest race).

Results, photos and thorough recap by Monday.

Thanks again to everyone that raced, helped out, cheered, spectated sponsored and had a good time with us today! We loved it and hope you did too!

Cap City Cross #2 @ Big Run Park – 10.5.2013

And, we’re back! After a weekend off, Cap City Cross is back at you with a race at a classic Cap City Cross venue, Big Run Park!



(See the background? Prepare thyself!)

So, what makes Big Run a staple? For staters there’s a soap box derby hill that rises quite dramatically over 300 meters. Luckily, racers start at the bottom and climb to the top. You may want to reconsider taking the whole shot for this one and instead try to find a wheel and hang on. Then, the real race is on. You’ll be forced to race on one the toughest, fastest and off camber courses in the state. There’s even a nice, smooth single track section that can be tricky if it’s wet.

Keep in mind – If it’s dry, it’s going to be slippery. If it’s wet, it’s going to be a mess. The forecast is showing nice weather all week with the possibility of showers/thunderstorms on Saturday. As of now (Sept. 30) there’s only a 40% chance.

Registration will open at 9am and close 15 minutes prior to the posted race times! Course will open for pre-riding at 9am as well. If we’re set up enough the day before (Friday 10.4), it’s likely it will be open then as well.

Remember to bring your numbers from the first race at Summit Vision. We are using those fancy, cloth numbers for the entire season. If you lose yours, it will cost $10 for a new one.

Kenda, Cafe Brioso and Westerville Bike Shop are sponsoring this weekends race as well! Be sure to find someone from one of these businesses and thank them for supporting cycling and cyclocross racing! They deserve it more than anyone!

Finally, there are a slew of races in Ohio on Sunday, October 6. First is NEOCX #5 in Willoughby, OH. The title of the race is “Hills Yea!”. Sounds fun. Second is OVCX #3 at the Gun Club, a classic OVCX course most have raced on. Some say mountain bike-y, some say not. Find out for yourself. Double racing in Ohio this weekend! How awesome is that?!

Most importantly though, see you Saturday! Bring your fast legs, you’re going to need them.

Cap City Cross #1 @ Summit Vision (Ohio CX Cup #1) – 9.21.2013 – Results, Recap, Video and Photo

Recap - 

Coming soon.

Results -

Posted to USAC here – Cap City Cross #1 (Ohio Cup #1) at Summit Vision 9.21.2013

Overalls - 

Coming Soon.

Video - 

Photos - 

More to come. . .

Thanks for coming out on Saturday. The series continues on Saturday Oct. 5, 2013 at Big Run Park!



Cap City Cross #1 @ Summit Vision (Ohio CX Cup #1) – 9.21.2013

It’s officially Cap City Cross week 2013. Cap City Cross hosts it’s first race on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Summit Vision in Westerville, OH!

Central Ohioans have been skills and drills-ing their hearts out for weeks over in the ditch while other’s have been racing some early season stuff in Cleveland and Cincinnati, BUT the first true test for central Ohioans will be at Summit Vision in Westerville, OH.

Summit Vision is a new venue to Cap City and we’re all excited to see how it works out. Team Six One Four has classified the venue “flat with lots of turns”. What does that mean exactly? Well you should be prepared to lean that bike over and jump out of turns. Unfortunately, it also means not a lot of elevation so there may be a bit of pack racing.

In addition, Summit Vision is an Ohio CX Cup race AND it’s the first race in that series too! What does that mean? Two things – there’s a pot of money at the end of the series of overall winners in a few categories AND this is one of two Cap City Cross races with preregistration. Be sure to check the dates if you intend on competing for the overalls. The races are held between Cap City, NEOCX and OVCX.

Go here to preregister – Prereg for Cap City Cross #1

Lastly, Sunday is the third race in the North East Ohio Cyclocross Series in Brooklyn. Let’s get down on our first race, then head up NE and represent Cap City hard!

See you Saturday!

Preregistration for the Ohio CX Cup Races are Now Live


The first Cap City Cross race of the season, thrown by Team Six One Four, is also the first race in Ohio Cycling’s Ohio CX Cup (September 21). Preregistration for the event is live -

Also, Paradise Garage Racing has informed Cap City Cross that preregistration is live for the fourth race of the Cap City Cross series. Incidentally, it’s also the fifth race in the Ohio CX Cup race (October 26). Check it out here -

Also, check out the call up format for Ohio CX Cup races, from the Ohio Cycling Website -

– Riders pre-reg’d 2 weeks prior will be staged by points first.
– Remaining pre-reg riders will be staged next by points.
– Day of registrants will be staged in the last wave.

More info here.

That’s it for now! Hope everyone’s having a good time getting ready for the season! Word on the street is that the Ohio cyclocross season kicks off next weekend with KingsCX’s Lionheart CX and NEOCX’s Blue Sky or Not CX.