Preregistration for the Ohio CX Cup Races are Now Live


The first Cap City Cross race of the season, thrown by Team Six One Four, is also the first race in Ohio Cycling’s Ohio CX Cup (September 21). Preregistration for the event is live -

Also, Paradise Garage Racing has informed Cap City Cross that preregistration is live for the fourth race of the Cap City Cross series. Incidentally, it’s also the fifth race in the Ohio CX Cup race (October 26). Check it out here -

Also, check out the call up format for Ohio CX Cup races, from the Ohio Cycling Website -

– Riders pre-reg’d 2 weeks prior will be staged by points first.
– Remaining pre-reg riders will be staged next by points.
– Day of registrants will be staged in the last wave.

More info here.

That’s it for now! Hope everyone’s having a good time getting ready for the season! Word on the street is that the Ohio cyclocross season kicks off next weekend with KingsCX’s Lionheart CX and NEOCX’s Blue Sky or Not CX.


Series Race Day Schedule – Official

Here with a quick update for ya! We did a little revision of the race day schedule. It all started with the addition of two Ohio CX Cup races and evolved in to a revision for the entire series.

Here’s the new schedule.

  • 10:00 – 30 minute
    • Men Cat 4/5
  • 10:45 am – 30 minutes
    • Women Cat 3/4
    • Juniors
  • 11:30 am – 45 minutes
    • Men Cat 3/4
  • 12:30 pm – 45 minutes
    • Master’s 35+/45+/55+*
    • Single Speed Open
  • 1:35 pm – 45 minutes
    • Women Cat 1/2/3
  • 2:35 – 60 minutes
    • Men Cat 1/2/3

*We will only be breaking out 55+ for the Ohio CX Cup races. Series points will be awarded for 35+/45+ only. 

Can’t wait to see everyone on September 21 at Summit Vision in Westerville, OH!

2013 Cap City Cross Schedule *Updated/Edited 9.30.2013*


The cyclocross snake, a photo by Susan Hackett

Now that it is July, it seems like it is the right time to go ahead and start getting prepared for the 2013 series. The 2012 series went out with a bang and we’re hoping the 2013 series will kick off with the same enthusiasm.

2013 is the seventh consecutive Cap City Cross series and we’re going back to the roots for this season. With that, we are making some changes to the way the series is run. First up is our association with Kenda Tires. Kenda has been of stout sponsor over the years and this year they are stepping up to be our title sponsor. They’ve been wicked rad in the past and are helping out in a big year this year. Kenda has been highly involved with cycling in central Ohio for years and this is just another great thing they’re doing for our series and our scene.

Second big change for 2013 is that a handful of local clubs stepped up to take part in the series. Each race in the series is going to organized and supported by these clubs. This may not sound like a big change, but it definitely is. Cap City Cross has an amazing core of local racers that are very dedicated to the series. Each of those racers belongs to a local club and that club has the ability to bring in new racers, sponsors and volunteers. With this help, we can grow Cap City Cross bigger than it has ever been.

The third major inclusion of the 2013 series is the Ohio CX Cup races. The Ohio Cycling Association is going to be hosting a series of races in Ohio called the Ohio Cyclocross Cup. Each cyclocross series in Ohio (Cap City Cross, Northeast Ohio Cyclocross and Ohio Valley Cyclocross) will be hosting two races in the CX Cup series that will be culminating to the Ohio State Cyclocross Championships in Broadview Heights, OH. This means that racers will be seeing some stiff competition in all races around the state in 2013.

To be honest, working with these guys has been awesome and the enthusiasm is building. We’re just over two months away from the Series kick off which will be September 21 with Team SixOneFour at a new venue to the series, Summit Vision. After that, the series kicks in to classic venue mode with races at Smith Farms, Lobdell Frisbee, Infirmary Mound (Queen of the Cap City Cross classic courses) and Big Run. We’re also heading back to Alum Creek State Park for a little beach party and over to Darree Fields for some PostgivingCX action.

Big Run Fun, see FUNNNN, a photo by Susan Hackett

Other than the aforementioned changes, series information is pretty much staying the same! First time racers go for free (must still pay USA Cycling insurance and license fee), series prices stay the same ($25 for men, $15 for women/juniors), and no jerks and P.M.A.

Series Information


With that being said, here is the friggin’ thing already!
1. September 21 - Team SixOneFour @ Summit Vision -Westerville, OH (CX Cup)
2. October 5 - Cap City Cycling Big Run Fun CX – Columbus, OH
3. October 12  - Team SixOneFour @ Lobdell Frisbee – Alexandria, OH
4. October 26 – Team Paradise Garage/ODU @ Infirmary Mound – Granville, OH (CX Cup/NEOCX Mash Up)
5. October 27 - Team Paradise Garage/ODU @ Infirmary Mound – Granville, OH (NEOCX Mash Up)
6. November 10 – Team Jeni’s @ Smith Farms - Columbus, OH
7. November 16COMBO Race Team @ Alum Creek SP – Delaware, OH
8. November 30Cap City Cycling PostgivingCX @ Darree Fields Park – Dublin, OH
9. December 7 - Paradise Garage @ Infirmary Mound, Granville, OH
10. December 15 - Back Room Roasters @ TBA
Keep checking back here for updates and get those calendars marked. You’ve still got a few months to prepare and there’s this little thing called the Cap City Short Track Series that seems like it would be some of the best preparation for cyclocross.
See ya soon.
And remember -


This just in! Cap City Cross will be at the OSU Winter Cycle Show – 2.21.2013

Just a quick heads up, Cap City Cross will be at the OSU Winter Cycle Show tomorrow night (2.21.2013) from 6 to 9 PM in the Knowlton School of Architecture on Ohio State University Campus.

We’ll be talking about the series, cyclocross and much more. Word has it that we’ll also be hosting some sort of competition as well.

More info here -

OSU Winter Cycle Show

See ya tomorrow night!

Thanks and see ya next season

Thanks for coming out to the series wrap up party on Saturday evening! A lot of awards were given, beverages consumed and prizes raffled. Couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up the series than spend it with supporter, racers, spectators and friends!

A special thanks goes out to Cafe Brioso for allowing us to crash their spot for a few hours to drink beer, eat some good food and party.

Also GIGANTIC thanks to Westerville Bike Shop, Kenda Tires, The Trek Bicycle Store of Columbus, Back Room Roasters Coffee and Cafe Brioso for being awesome, sweet, big time, super cool supporters of the 2013 Cap City Cyclocross series!

See ya next fall!

Series Party – Updated info and such

Here’s the scoop.

Drinks are BYOB. We’ll have a cooler and ice and some cups for drinking. No mixers or anything like that. If you need it, bring it. But remember that we won’t have a cutting board or knives.

Food will be served Pot Luck style. Make a dish for the group or make two! It’s your call. No special preference on food. If you’re vegan, make a vegan dish. If you eat meat, bring a meat dish. Also try and remember to bring some disposable plates and silverware. I’ll pick up a few, but it’s always good to have a little extra.

Party starts at 6:30pm. We’ll allow people and hour and half to filter in and start the awards ceremony around 8pm. We’ll be doing awards for the podiums in the Cap City Short Track Series and Cap City Cross Series.

Raffle!? Yes, we have some super sweet stuff to raffle off again this year.

If I missed anything, I’ll be sure to update when I think of it.

Link to facebook event page:

When: Jan 12, 2013

Where: Cafe Brioso

Time: 6:30pm

RSVP: Not really, just come party.


Cap City Cross Series Standings – Final

From everyone at Cap City Cross, Happy New Year! 

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for.

For a complete list, go here: Cap City Cross Series Standings (post Big Run)

Welp, there they are. The final standings for the 2012 Cap City Cross series.

Mike McClinchie didn’t show up to Smith Farms and was unable to retain his first place position in the men’s Cat 4 field. Matt Berrisford lept over McClinchie for first place. McClinchie dropped to second and Daniel Antoon capped the season off and lept over two racers to finish on the podium.

Kim Cory walked away from the women’s Cat 3/4 race with a second place at Smith Farms and left Rhonda Wamsley and Lauren Kraft ( a no show at Smith Farms) to fill out the podium.

As previously stated and widely known, Daniel Newhart didn’t even have to show up to be victorious in the men’s Cat 3 field. He still showed up for some parade laps and left the fight for the podium up to the other men. Chris Ardnt’s third place was enough to finish second and Cap City Cross series veteran, Joel Ronschke, finished third overall.

The single speed field came down to the last race. Jeremy Russell was ahead by 100 points and Josh Direen was looking to tie it up in his absence. Unfortunately, some racers outside the series standings came and stole valuable points from Direen, locking him in in second, 12 points behind Jeremy Russell. In third was Noah Huston.

In the old guys field. . . I mean Master 35+ field, Laurence “Larry P” Pesyna won the overall with a streak of early series wins and podiums. J.d. Kimple was chasing all season and came in to form in the final few races, but was unable to catch Pesyna. Rick Voithfer rode consistently to finish third overall.

Jen Peters won the women’s Cat 1/2/3 field without showing up to the final two races. Victoria Steen was coming in to form and chasing Peters hard, but was unable to bridge the gap. Kristen Arnold claimed the last step on the podium with a solid third place finish at Smith Farms.

Finally, Nicholas Vorwerk narrowly held on to the lead in the men’s Cat 1/2/3 field. His lead cut down slowly by a consistent Trevor Miller. Shawn Adams’ late season run of wins wasn’t enough to climb to the top of the podium, but did allow him to leap frog in to third place.

That’s it! Thanks again for making the 2012 Cap City Cross season a blast!

From everyone at Cap City Cross, Happy New Year!

Remember the series party is at Cafe Brioso on Jan. 12, 2013. We’re working out the details now

Smith Farms CX results and pictures

Well, the results for the final race are posted to USA Cycling. I have to thank everyone that came out and took part in our biggest race of the season! It’s nice to see all the regulars, and out of towners, travel and come out for a race during a hectic time of year. Hopefully ya’ll capped it off right and are now enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation.

Smith Farms CX results


(Our announcer, doin’ a mighty fine job! Click for more. . . Thanks to Susan Hackett for this set)

305315_414968581906671_1073566161_n(SPRINT! Thanks to Michael Adams from Was Labs Cycling for this set. Click for more)

68603_480087102037962_1218343642_n(Mountain bikes play cyclocross too. Photo courtesy of Blair Fraley. Click for more)

We’ll have overalls posted as soon as they’re ready. Shouldn’t be too long.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and raced this season, we look forward to the series party and getting ready for the 2013 series!

See ya!

It’s a wrap!

Thanks for coming out to the series finale yesterday at Smith Farms! For the amount of inclement weather we had this past week, the course was dry and fast. There were a few squishy spots, but not a lot.

I hope everyone enjoyed the 2012 season and we can’t wait to wrap it up with the series party at Brioso on January 12! We are already making plans for the 2013 season. We’re only 9 months away. . . ah what am I saying. Take a break, relax and then get back at when you’re recovered. Good luck to Nick Vorwerk, Chris Freter, Tony Viton and Katie Arnold at Nationals in Wisconsin!

I’ll have the results posted and final overalls by the middle of the week.

See ya soon!

Smith Farms CX and series party!

Smith Farms Update – Sunday, December 23, 2012

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 6 hours, you have seen the massive amount of precipitation central Ohio has been gifted. With no end in sight and temperatures predicted to drop, it looks like we’re wrapping the series up with a dirty, sloppy mess. Have your mud tires ready for sure, you may also want some spikes in those cleats as well. Other than that, most of the previous information stands – straightaway, turn, straightaway, turn and so on. However, it may be a battle of attrition rather than an all out blitzkrieg.

Series Wrap Up Party – Saturday, January 12, 2013

We know everyone was looking forward to Carabar for the end of season awards, but we’re changing directions with the party. Initially scheduled for after the race at Smith Farms, we decided to cut everyone a break and relieve some of that holiday stress. The party has been push back a few weeks.

We’ve rescheduled the Series Party for Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013.

Where, you’re wondering? Remember that guy Jeff, from Cafe Brioso? Well he’s going to be opening the doors of his coffee shop for our series party! Details are still being worked out, but I suggest everyone mark their calendars and come hang out. We have a TON of stuff to raffle off (think bicycle frame(s)), prizes and podiums for the leaders in each category and plenty of food and drink to go around.

So remember, the series party is Saturday, January 12, 2013 at Cafe Brioso on Gay and High St. (Downtown Columbus) (click link for directions)

Who knows, after we wrap it up at Brioso, maybe we’ll head to Tip Top for a few post season night caps!

Still, we’re stoked for the last race! See ya Sunday!