Preregistrations ends, day of registration only! Thanks! – Big Run Fun CX – 10.11.2014

Thanks to everyone that preregistered.

Quick reminder that there is NO late registration fee, however we are only accepting square credit/debit payments at the venue. We are unable to accept cash/checks in order to comply with the city. We apologize in advance.

Quick reminders –

  • Those attending with an RV to please call or email Spencer to accommodate your parking situation.
  • No running water in the pits, plan accordingly.
  • “Beer and Pizza Party Prime” p/b by Columbus Brewing Co. and Papa John’s of Central Ohio for each wave!
  • Registration closes 15 minutes prior to posted race time
  • PMA
  • No jerks

Big thanks to all our supporters – Brioso Coffee, Paradise Garage, Zeroz Wallets,  Columbus Brewing Co.,  Dan the Baker, Angry Bear Kitchen and  Papa John’s of Central Ohio.


More Stuff for Big Run Fun CX!


Registration closes in just over 15 hours, so plenty of time to get in there. Reminder that call ups for this race are based on Ohio CX Cups standings for all preregistered riders. Day of registrants will be staged in order of registration.

Second! Course preview? Well, we never REALLY know until we are out there and putting stakes in the ground but I have a rough idea of how it’s going to be laid out.

Notice there are PITS! and PLANKS! and all kinds of fun stuff. ALSO note there is a road and that the course cuts that road FOUR times. There’s also a kids course for the funnest, fastest laps at 12:15pm. Bring the little ones, they too shall braaap.

We will have volunteers at each course crossing to ensure the safety of the riders. Please acknowledge and obey all volunteer’s directions. Thanks a whole bunch!

To reiterate one more thing here, please email or call Spencer if you are planning on attending with an RV or large van. We are running a pretty tight parking area and will be able to accommodate if we know in advance. Please tell your friends/family/loved ones if they plan on attending.

We do not have running water or access to power washers in the pits, please plan accordingly.

Also remember the “Pizza and Beer Party Prime” p/b Columbus Brewing Company and Papa John’s of Central Ohio. Sure you could try and win the whole race, but why not try and win the holeshot too?

Ohh boy! The stoke is rising! See ya out there this weekend!

Beer and Pizza Party Prime @ Big Run Fun CX

Happy Tuesday folks! Recovered from the weekend? No? Well don’t worry because you still have a few days!

Here to announce the newest competition for each wave at Big Run this weekend. Columbus Brewing Company and Papa John’s of Columbus are going to be hosting the first annual “Beer and Pizza Party Prime”. Each wave will have a chance to win the climb to the finish line.

Not terribly complicated, no. BUT, it’s a pretty rough little grade up to the finish line! The start of ‘cross races are usually hard, this will only serve to make it a bit harder and more fun. . . we hope.

What will you get if you’re first to the top? How about a sixer of Columbus Brewing Company’s tast beer and a free large pie from Papa John’s!

(Note: Papa John’s free large pizza in form of a card and a code, they will only be usable at Central Ohio locations)

In addition, each podium place will receive a free Papa John’s large pizza (in addition to other rad prizes), with the 1/2/3 men and women also getting a six pack of CBC beer(plus some $$). Not bad for a little bit of afternoon pedaling!

Ohh yes! Stoked to have these businesses involved!


Big Run Fun CX info pt. 2

How’d everyone fare at the Gun Club? I saw quite a few Cap City Cross-ers down there giving it the beans on a rather bumpy and fast course.

Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone about the call up procedure –

We will be doing call-ups based on Ohio CX Cup points for ALL preregistered riders. Day over riders will be staged in order of registration.

Lastly, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the course, here’s what to expect.

  1. Long, paved start(500m)/finish(~300m) with a little (hehe – little) kick included.
  2. Lots, and I MEAN lots of off cambers.
  3. Wide, fast, sweeping turns.
  4. Wide, fast 180s and 90s.
  5. One single track section, be sure to preride. A few different lines can be taken.
  6. Plenty of fast, level straight aways.
  7. Barriers – new barriers, 40cm tall, 3m between, USAC friendly. Hope them if you can. Run them if you want.
  8. Kids course – completely separate from big kids course. The kids will be racing at 12:15 for some sweet, sweets. Open all day for the little shredders who want to never stop.
  9. Pits – double sided. No running water, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
  10. Call ups based on your Ohio CX Cup standings for preregistered riders. Day of registrants will be staged in order of registration.

Weather – Looks like three days of rain this week. Big Run dries quickly, but expect some damp spots on the track.

Parking – Please follow any and all directions from traffic directors.

I’ve noticed a few RVs coming out to races this year, if you are bring one please contact me in advance so we can accommodate you. We are running a very tight parking lot and have to organize as best we can. Please email

Preregistration – ends Wednesday at 11:45pm.

Big thanks to our sponsors for the race! Brioso Coffee and Paradise Garage! Angry Bear Kitchen and Dan the Baker! Columbus Brewing Company and Westerville Bike Shop! 

Keep an eye here for updates through out the week.

We’re stoked to see you this weekend.


Big Run Fun CX INFO and Stuff.

Got a few questions about the upcoming race at Big Run and I’m going to try and answer them here –

  1. Women SS – register in the “SS Men” on bikereg. I will change the title to “SS open” ASAP. OCA will break out the results for the overalls themselves.
  2. Numbers – We are aware the message was not relayed to reuse your numbers at the first race. SO, if you have your number, PLEASE BRING IT. If you do not, we are waiving the fee and will issue you a new one.
    1. Remember! From here on out you will be using the same number and you WILL be charged if you forget it. We will be sure to remind you.
  3. Masters Fields – Cap City Cross does not have a 55+ field, 35+ & 45+ only. 55+ is of the Ohio CX Cup only.
  4. PITS – No running water for Big Run or Lobdell, please plan accordingly.
  5. PMA & No jerks. 

We are a week and half out, be sure to get registered. More details as the race approaches.

Register here –

See ya soon!

Race #1 Wrap – Grand Prix Go Karting Success

Yo, big ol’ thanks to the racers, spectators, vounteers and everyone else for coming out to the race at the newest venue Cap City Cross offered AND to the Lady Gnar Shredders organizing the event!

Here’s some results for ya! –

Here’s some photos for ya! –

Next up is Big Run Fun CX at Big Run Park, preregistration can be found here – . More info as race day looms!

Just a heads up – call ups will be based on Ohio CX Cup points for preregistered riders then in order of day of registered riders.

Thanks and see everyone next time! (Oct. 11, 2014 at Big Run Park)


Series Happenings – 9.10.2014

Hey y’all, did you enjoy that first race down at KingsCX on Sunday? Did it sting just a little bit? Well it should, it was the first race of the year.

NEOCX and OVCX both kick of their series this weekend with Blue Sky or Not (NEOCX) and Brookside Cup (OVCX). Get in some nice training hours or hit up these regional races to prepare for the first Cap City Cross race on September 20.

Registration is now open for the Lady Gnar Shredders race at Grand Prix Go Karting. Head over and get preregistered.

Additionally, the second race in the series at Big Run Park is also the third stop in the Ohio CX Cup. The permit is going through, however preregistration is now open. Check it. Please note the addition of the Masters 55+ category is for Ohio CX Cup points only. If you intend on competing for overall series points in the masters categories, choose the 35+/45+ fields.

Please note – we are unable to accept checks/cash at this race, we can only accept Square credit/debit payments. To avoid any pre-race confusion please preregister. Thanks for understanding.

Lastly, the third race of the series is being permitted as we speak. Registration is now live for that race as well.

Can’t wait to see everyone again! It’s allllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooosssssssssttttttttt here!


2014 Cap City Cross

As many of you may have noticed, the “series information” and schedule page has been updated for quite some time. We had a few things to finalize before making our announcement of the series, but it looks like quite a few already know the deal.

Any who, here’s the official announcement for the 2014 Cap City Cross race series.

First off, the big news for 2014 is that Brioso Coffee and Paradise Garage are stepping up at series sponsors! Brioso and Paradise Garage are doing tons for cycling in Columbus, more so than being apart of our awesome series. Their ability to support the series just tops off their massive contribution the cities vibrant and growing cycling scene, whether it be recreational, competitive and/or utilitarian.

Others? Definitely! We all love beer, right?! Well that’s a good thing because Columbus Brewing Company has stepped in a series sponsor as well! They’ll be out at each race giving away prizes and swag! Also, zer0z wallets will be doing some sweet, end of series prizes for overall category winners.

Don’t forget that each club has it’s own list of sponsors they’ll bring to the series as well. Be sure to check and support them all as they’re a supporter of the series.

So, the schedule?! That’s what everyone’s most interested in, right?!??

Kick off fall the right way! The first race on September 20 will be put on by the Lady Gnar Shredders and is going to feature a new venue on the near south side of Columbus. Grand Prix Go Karting is opening it’s warehouse doors and offering a new style of start/finish for Cap City. Riders will be racing around a go kart track, hitting some woods that feature some off cambers and steep pitches and even tackling some ramps.

The second race on October on October 11 is going to be held at the classic Big Run Park. Big Run is most known for it’s start/finish (bottom of the soap box hill, top of the soap box hill) and and plenty of up, down and across the roller terrain Expect high speeds with plenty of technical bits to spread the race out. This will also be the third stop of the Ohio CX Cup. This should bring some more, competitive riders to the Cap City area. Sounds like some BIG fun.

More info on the Ohio CX Cup

If Big Run wasn’t climby enough, Lobdell Frisbee park will be. On October 19, the three tiered park, frisbee park will be repurposed for some cyclocross fun. The park features three levels, each of which has  decent bit of elevation between them. The course is largely nontechnical and usually pretty fast. Being later in October it has the possibility to be wet. If it is, prepare to slog up and down the tiers.

A few weeks later, on November 8, Cap City Cross comes back to the greater Columbus area to the venue at Smith Farms. Largely pan flat, technical and fast, Smith Farms offers as close to a dirt crit as it comes. Races at Smith Farms are usually decided from small bunch sprint and it favors riders that really drive their bikes.

The fifth and final race of the series on November 15 will be at Infirmary Mound park outside Granville, Ohio. Infirmary Mound offers a little bit of the prior week’s offerings; speed, elevation, technical sections, flowing, rhythm sections and a fast start/finish. It will also be the fifth stop in the Ohio CX Cup.

  1. September 20, 2014 – Grand Prix Cyclocross p/b Lady Gnar Shredders – Grand Prix Go Karing, Columbus, Ohio
  2. October 11, 2014 – Big Run Fun CX p/b Cap City/Brioso Cycling – Big Run Park, Columbus, Ohio
  3. October 19, 2014 – Lobdell Frisbee CX p/b Cap City Brioso Cycling – Lobdell Frisbee Park, Alexandria, Ohio
  4. November 8, 2014 – Smith Farms CX p/b Team Jenis – Smith Farms Park, Columbus, Ohio
  5. November 15, 2014 – Infirmary Mound CX p/b Paradise Garage Racing – Infirmary Mound Park, Granville, Ohio

With a shortened schedule in a state with nearly two races a weekend all fall! There are plenty of opportunities for Cap City races to venture out of the area and check out the other awesome things happening in Ohio and the surrounding regions. Be sure to check out –

Contributing Clubs to the 2014 Cap City Cross Series –

  1. Lady Gnar Shredders
  2. Cap City/Brioso Cycling
  3. Paradise Garage Racing
  4. Team Jeni’s

Can’t wait to see everyone this fall!

Final Overalls!

Sorry we’re so late with these overalls, but here they are!

Final overalls! 

Thanks everyone for a great season! We grew quite a bit this year and the new series structure seemed to work out very well for the clubs and the racers! Thanks for making it a great year!

We’re already getting started with planning for the 2014 season, but in the mean time you all should be staying warm and training when you can!

Final overalls!