Race Categories

Series Points are tallied for:
A Race (Cat 1,2,3) 60 min.
Women (45 min)
Singlespeed (45 min)
B Race (Cat 3-4) 45 min.
35/45 will be broken out for overall results only
C Race (Cat 4/open) 30 min.

Series Points Break Down

The races are combined, but categories will line up and start in separated time handicapped waves, but will race for separate prizes. Must have 5+ riders per sub category to separate field.

Race promoters can refuse entry or give mandatory upgrades to sandbaggers. We want fair honest racing and will force people (if necessary) to move up to keep that way. Don't be suprised if we heckle and yell at you if you are sandbagging...

There are to be absolutely no cash rewards or incentives in the B and C races, in order to discourage sandbagging and to encourage the new and less experienced racers.

Individual Event Prize Lists

The B race will have merchandise prizes to 3 or more places. In no case should the value of the merchandise prizes exceed the Elite Men or Women. The C race will also have mechandise prizes awarded.

Riders must make it to 2 laps to go to before being lapped to be classified for points or prize money. Riders lapped on the leaders final lap finish on that lap, and will be classified.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are $20 per race.
Discounted entry of $10 fees are given to women (come on ladies bring the party...) First time C racers may race for $10 also. (to encourage more racers to try the sport) Racer must be new to racing, having never raced in any other bicycle race including (mtb,tri and road). JUNIORS RACE FOR FREE! The USA Cycling $3 surcharge is included in all fees (we even pay the juniors fee!)

Download the complete Cap City Cross guidelines here.

All USA Cycling rules and guidelines are strictly followed.

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