Smith Farms CX – 12.23.2012 – Series Finale

Pack racing – Cap City Cross Style

There seems to be a trend here at Cap City. That trend involves something like flat race/hilly race/flat race/hilly race/flat race.

I’m sure most of you remember Big Run CX; right? That awful place with the derby hill start/finish, loads of off cambers and some single track-ish stuff that made most of you praying for a mountain bike! Remember!?

Well Smith Farms is the polar opposite of Big Run. While not as flat and tight as Darree Fields, Smith Farms is a pace line kind of course. In recent years we’ve seen riders with big engines win at Smith Farms. You know why? Because they are powerful and know when to make a move and when to sit on a wheel.

So are you interested in some information on the venue? I’m sure you are, so read on.

The first half of the course is straight forward, no pun intended. There are almost TEN long straightaways on the front end of the course, but don’t go thinking it’s like your favorite group ride because there are somethings connecting those power sections.

How about a short decent/180°/punchy ascent? Yep, definitely one of those.

What about a descent through a marshy, muddy mess? Yep, one of those as well.

Oh ya! What about A LOT of wind? . Those straights aren’t just boring straights. Wind will be blasting you from either side, so drafting technique is important. Let me be clear, some areas the wind will not seem like an issue, but other areas are completely different.

After you enter the second part of the course, the real fun begins. There’s some nice false flat, downhill power pedaling followed by a twist and turn back up the false flat. You’ll snake through some trees and mess around on those false flat down and ups and eventually make your way back to the start finish.

Is that clear? I mean it’s pretty darn close, but here’s a rough, visual idea for you planing your race.

Finally, it seems like we’ve had our fair share of muddy races this year. What’s gives!? I know everyone loves mud, but I, for one, am getting tired of cleaning my bike every Sunday night. So, what’s the outlook this week? Mild all week. There does appear to be some precipitation around the middle of the week, but not a whole lot.

Come get one, last race in for 2012. Prepare for Master’s Worlds, Nationals, that weekend in Chicago! Or just come celebrate the final race in the 2012 Cap City Series.

We look forward to seeing you!

Series party will be announced this week! (thanks for being patient)


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