Smith Farms CX results and pictures

Well, the results for the final race are posted to USA Cycling. I have to thank everyone that came out and took part in our biggest race of the season! It’s nice to see all the regulars, and out of towners, travel and come out for a race during a hectic time of year. Hopefully ya’ll capped it off right and are now enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation.

Smith Farms CX results


(Our announcer, doin’ a mighty fine job! Click for more. . . Thanks to Susan Hackett for this set)

305315_414968581906671_1073566161_n(SPRINT! Thanks to Michael Adams from Was Labs Cycling for this set. Click for more)

68603_480087102037962_1218343642_n(Mountain bikes play cyclocross too. Photo courtesy of Blair Fraley. Click for more)

We’ll have overalls posted as soon as they’re ready. Shouldn’t be too long.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and raced this season, we look forward to the series party and getting ready for the 2013 series!

See ya!