Thanks for coming out!


Thanks for coming out to Darree Fields and checking out our masterpiece in the making! I know there are some things that definitely need improvement, but the course turned out to be super awesome. There was just enough roughness and soupy, peanut buttery mud to keep everyone separated. I wittnessed a lot of folks looking like they were near or in cardiac arrest.

Additionally, everyone should really thank the City of Dublin for being incredibly awesome and being so freakin’ helpful. They’re going above and beyond our requests to give us an amazing race venue.

Lastly, we’ll have your results posted on Monday morning.

A Look Ahead

So next weekend we’ll be back at Darree Fields. We’re going to try and improve the course a bit by adding some length. We’ve left a majority of the course staked and taped so you can go out and ride it this week. This will help your race next weekend as you can already have those fast lines picked out and will help the venue by smoothing out those bumpy areas.

Also, it looks DRY this week. With the exception of the chance for drizzles on Friday, it looks like it’ll be another dry one on Sunday (Nov. 25).

Just keep in mind to go easy on the tofurky/turkey this week. Or just ride your bike a ton and pig out. . . that’s my plan.

See ya!

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