Thanks to everyone for coming out to the beach party!

Yo! Thanks for coming out and racing today. The strong winds and cloudy skies that hung over Alum Creek State Park didn’t stop anyone from racing hard and having good ol’ fashion cyclocross fun.

A HUGE thanks goes out to those who braved the spitting rain and helped tear down after the races ended.

We’ll get the results up and submitted to USA Cycling ( too!!!) ASAP.

If anyone has photographs from today, send us a link and we’ll post ’em on the site.

The next Cap City race is in two weeks at Uncle Steve’s for a Halloween party like none other. However, next weekend is the Ohio State Cyclocross championships in Dublin, Ohio. Keep fresh this week to take it to those “other” cities north and south of us.

Till next time ‘crossers!

One thought on “Thanks to everyone for coming out to the beach party!

  1. Hey Russell,I’d be curious to know more about your plans for the wehgit room, such as the type of exercises and how many days a week you lift. I’ve been keeping up with your posts for some time now, very enjoyable!

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