The Finale! The overalls! The party!!!!! Updates on Updates!

First off, we’d like to apologize to anyone that is unable to attend the final race due to heading to CX Nationals or had prior engagements.

Check it – Cap City Cross overall results post race #9

Secondly, be sure to check out the new USA Cycling rule changes for 2014 – check it out here!

Basically, if you have had a license in the past and are categorized any higher than a male cat 5 or female cat 4 (road and cyclo-cross) you must buy an annual license to race. The one day license is reserved strictly for beginners and first timers.

Third, there is preregistration available of this race and it can be found here, at

Party, you say? Yes, how about a series party! Remember that festive night about a year ago where we all convened at Brioso?! Well let’s do it again!

This year, like last year, we’ll meet at Brioso on Gay St. and High St. on Sunday, January 12, 2014. Coincidentally this is the same day as the U.S. Cyclo-cross Nationals. The party will start at 3:00pm. We will air both races on Brioso’s awesome TV! The women’s race is at 3:30pm EST and the men’s is at 4:45 pm EST. Afterwards, we’ll do overall podiums and raffles and all the fun stuff! As always, BYOB and a snack for everyone to get down on.

Keep checking back for further information! See you all on January 11, 2014 at Darree Fields!